The ultimate version of the ultimate supercar on UK roads
19 July 2009

What is it?

This is Lamborghini’s mouth-watering new range-topping supercar, and although it may have taken the company some 14 years to produce a successor to the raw and outrageous Diablo SV of 1995, Sant'Agata’s favourite car maker has surpassed itself in the “how far can we push it” school of car design this time round.

The SV excels and is utterly excessive in just about everything it does. It costs £270,000, has 663bhp and can top 212mph without the rear wing fitted to the car you see in these pictures.

It is a monster of a supercar if ever there was one - perhaps not the fastest outright, but very possibly the ballsiest there has ever been.

What’s it like?

The SV’s personality is akin to that of the bloke who turns up a party with two supermodels on each arm, and leaves with another three in tow.

Yet beneath its He-Man exterior, bolstered in the case of the test car by a comically enormous optional carbon fibre rear wing, the SV also showcases how hard Lamborghini is thinking technically nowadays.

Despite its seemingly vast dimensions and aspirations, this car weighs little more than 1600kg, thanks to the extensive use of carbonfibre and other lightweight materials.

So given that the 6.5-litre engine produces a thundering 663bhp at 8000rpm and 487lb ft at 6500rpm, it’s hardly surprising to discover that the performance is quite a long way the other side of impressive. Think 0-60mph in 3.2sec and 0-100mph in under seven and only then will you get an inkling of what it feels like to open the accelerator in second gear and hold it there for a while.

On the road the SV feels suitably terrifying and has a pretty uncompromising ride, even for a Lambo. But it’s also one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have on four wheels.

The steering is notably sharper than in a regular Murcielago, and the extra agility during direction changes makes it feel both lighter and less clumsy when you’re really going for it.


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You can sense the reduction in weight more than the increase in grunt in virtually everything the SV does, right down to increased power and response under brakes. Dynamically it takes the game at least one notch forward compared with the LP640. Which is no mean achievement.

Should I buy one?

If you are the sort of person who a) has the financial clout to do so and b) prefers the idea of cars like the Ferrari F40 as opposed to the Bugatti Veyron, then yes.

The new Murcielago SV may not quite be the fastest or most civilised supercar on the road, but it one of the most exciting there has ever been. It’s a fantastically gutsy statement from Lamborghini. Warts and all (and there aren’t that many this time round), we love it.

Steve Sutcliffe

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22 April 2009

The car in several of the pictures isn't the SV, it's the hideous LP650-4 Roadster special edition due for launch later this year. And a couple of the others are test mules, which don't even have the same wing.

Still, it's great to hear the SV is in a similar league to the F40. According to many journos that's still the best supercar ever made.

22 April 2009

Any chance of a video so we can hear the sound this beast makes?

22 April 2009

0-60 in 3.2 secs; well, that's the Tata Nano taken care of then.

22 April 2009

Oh lord... wont you buy me a Lamborghini Murcielago

My my friends drive Ferrari's, I must make amends

Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends

So lord, wont you buy me a Lamborghini Murcielago :-)

22 April 2009

[quote Vertigo]The car in several of the pictures isn't the SV, it's the hideous LP650-4 Roadster special edition due for launch later this year. And a couple of the others are test mules, which don't even have the same wing.[/quote]

Never mind, fixed now! The SV looks amazing out in the real world (as opposed to the showfloor), especially when you're expecting to see pics of that nasty Roadster.

22 April 2009

hovever many years on and the Murcielago just keeps getting better looking!

Lets hope the replacement is even sexier - can we have a video of this to the same quality as the recent Gallardo effort please!

22 April 2009

What can one say other than WOW !

I don't know about everyone else but I think Lambo really have got to the heart of what makes cars special. The exterior design, the performance, the noise, the sound oh and did I mention - the noise !

Compare this to that SL Black thing from last week. Virtually the same price but who in their right mind would choose that Benz over this.

Santa Agata keep em coming ! Long live Lamborghini.

23 April 2009

The SV is immensely improved to the max. Lamborghini have covered every inch of the LP640 and then improved everything possible. They manged to shave 100 kg and took 30kg from just under the bonnet. They finally have manged a wing on the back which will improve the the down-force, grip and aerodynamics. The interior is beyond belief in the SV compared to the LP640. No reckless usage of carpets and special defined gear stick knobs. The engine has proved extreme in the LP640, but in this car Lamborghini manage another staggering 29bhp making the total over 660bhp! When Autocar have said the Ferrari f40, may just be a bit better I say thats pants! Also; [quote Autocar]Lamborghini’s mission statement over the next few years is to make cars that are lighter, simpler and more faithful to the original core philosophy[/quote] "The core of philosophy" that made me lol! A bit of a joke really! Now Lamborghini have thoroughly covered the essentials, weight, aerodynamics, grip, power and speed this car should have a trophy for it's extremeness! If only it didn't cost 300k and only selling 350 most of them avoiding the UK and going off to the USA. This car gets 9.5/10 from me and I'm sure you would agree!

24 April 2009

:-) My word i want one of those.

22 July 2009

Those airvents look exactly the same as the one's on the Fiat Qubo. The ones in the SV at least better be gold, platinum and titanium plated


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