We've been expecting good things of the ride quality, too, thanks to the high standard set by the regular five-door Cee’d. Like its five-door counterpart, the Pro_cee'd has a relatively long 2650mm wheelbase, MacPherson strut front and independent, multi-link rear suspension, while its body, is marginally stiffer.

It’s also lower and lighter than the Cee’d and Kia has therefore made few dynamic changes. On our test car, though, like all spec 3 and Sport Pro_cee’ds running on 17-inch alloy wheels, the dampers are eight percent stiffer than usual.

The 16-inch wheels should bring a more pliant ride

But by increasing the firmness (and it is firm now), some of the fluidity of the standard car has been lost. It’s not an uncomfortable car to drive, just not as supple as we’d like.

The electrically assisted power steering has been tuned on any Pro_cee’d with the 17-inch wheel package. Assistance is increased at low speeds, and decreased at higher speeds, for a ‘sporty’ feel. We can’t help thinking it might have been better left alone, as there’s now rather too much variation in its weight. 

Equally, the 16-inch wheels should bring a more pliant ride, and they are standard on all but the range-topping 126bhp diesel and ‘3’ trim cars.


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