Kia offers its 1.6-litre common-rail diesel engine in three power outputs, of which our test car was the 114bhp, developing its peak power at a very respectable 4000rpm, and 188 lb ft peak torque at 1900-2750rpm.

There’s a nice, broad spread of power, with little lag even at low revs and a willingness to spin towards 5000rpm. On MIRA’s test tracks the Procee’d managed the 0-60mph dash in 10.6sec and would have gone quicker were it not for the recalcitrant gearshift of our test example, which was reluctant to accept first and sometimes second gear.

For an auto you must opt for the 1.6 petrol

However, we’ve driven plenty of other Cee’ds with the same gearbox to know that usually it’s a sweet-shifting unit. The facelift brought a sixth ratio to the gearbox, which can only be had as a manual if you want a diesel unit. For an auto you must opt for the 1.6 petrol, and even then it is a four-speed single-clutch affair that would be best avoided. Go for the 114 or 126bhp diesel for the best models.


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