Another Jaguar, another hit. The latest Jaguar XJ now exudes the same confidence through its appearance that it has long possessed within in its mechanical ability. That the design contrives to offer, for the first time, interior space sufficient for the luxury car class, means that reasons not to recommend one are falling away as quickly as retro themes have vanished from the company’s styling.

Jaguar has produced another fine cabin that offers a real sense of class and drama to every journey that its German rivals can’t muster. The Jaguar can’t compete in terms of sheer quality – the Audi A8 has the win there – but the Jaguar has a charm that its rivals can’t match.

The depth of talent the XJ offers is impressive

The latest Jaguar XJ is a thoroughly modern Jaguar and a brilliantly capable one. Unfortunately, when it comes to some of the tech, the Jag still feels a little old school. But for the excellent option of a top-grade stereo, the Jaguar is bettered when it comes to multimedia controls. There are a few foibles in the cabin, too, but these are minor drawbacks.

Defining the XJ, though, is the way it drives. Jaguar has aimed for a point between the outright sportiness of a Maserati Quattroporte and the aloofness of a Mercedes Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The result is a car with a hugely successful concoction of abilities: refinement with a rare poise, decent performance without too many compromises.

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It’s a car that is almost in a class of its own, but one that feels every inch the modern Jaguar.