The i10 is a very impressive offering from Hyundai. It’s a mature and well rounded, intelligently designed and thoroughly engineered city car, and a shining example of just how far Hyundai, and sister brand Kia, have come over the last decade.

While the scrappage scheme of 2009 was undoubtedly a boost for Hyundai in helping put the firm on the map, it’s now a consistently strong performer in the UK, and certainly deserves a leading position in the European 'A' segment with this car.

It's good value, practical and dynamically polished, but the i10 lacks simple desirability

Hyundai's buyers are beginning to see products such as the i10 for what they are: excellent value for money, with a five-year warranty and the sort of luxuries that are rare in this class as standard. The car's performance is strong, and its handling is composed, safe and sometimes even fun. If only the interior and exterior design was a touch more exciting, the i10 would have few equals. As it is, however, the i10 slots in just below the Fiat Panda and Volkswagen Up in the city car stakes.

If you simply must have a green supermini, the i10 Blue is a high-value proposition. But in the realm of i10s, we’d save a few quid on the list price and stick with the 1.2.