Although the Jazz might have a higher sticker price than many of its more traditional supermini rivals, it’s priced very competitively indeed compared with the latest Yaris and the new hybridised Clio.

Our range-topping EX model can be bought outright for £21,385, versus respective prices of £22,095 and £24,005 for the flagship versions of its Renault and Toyota counterparts. Add to that the fact that the Honda is expected to hold its value better than either, and that it comes with a generous level of equipment as standard, and it seems entirely reasonable to presume you should be able to net a very competitive PCP deal on a Jazz.

The Jazz outperforms both the latest Toyota Yaris and the new Renault Clio hybrid in predicted residual values by a considerable margin

Then there’s the running cost benefits that come from its powertrain. Regular hybrids no longer qualify for the benefit-in-kind and road tax savings they once did, but as far as fuel economy is concerned, there would certainly be advantages to Jazz ownership.

Over more than 500 test miles that incorporated longer motorway stints, plenty of inner-city driving and our track testing session, the Jazz averaged 60.1mpg. By comparison, the Yaris managed 51.0mpg while the 1.0-litre Volkswagen Polo we road tested in 2018 achieved just 43.0mpg. For those who value real-world fuel economy, figures like that speak for themselves.

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