To our eyes, the Ginetta G40R is a pretty little car, one whose form has undeniably followed its racing car functions. It’s a well-proportioned, two-seat coupé with the engine at the front and the drive to the rear wheels, with an exterior shorn of superfluous detail.

It’s genuinely compact, too. The G40R is usefully shorter than a modern supermini, at 3748mm long. It’s only 1642mm wide and the top of its roof sits just 1145mm from the ground.

Given its size and racing pedigree, you’d expect it to be light, and although it is not disappointing in this respect, we were surprised that it tipped our scales at as much as 880kg albeit fully fuelled (the claimed kerb weight is 795kg). The reason is that its chassis, whose passenger cell is, in effect, a tubular steel roll cage that comes with full FIA approval.

At each end, the G40R is equipped with double wishbone suspension, with coil springs and adjustable dampers, and adjustable anti-roll bars. The whole is clothed in a glass-fibre body.

The G40R isn’t purely function over form, with neat sculpting on the sides breaking up the visual mass and a few pieces of carbon-fibre trim, most noticeably in the rear three-quarter panels and headlamp clusters. The bootlid sports a neat, upturned back edge, too. Ginetta doesn’t make any particular aerodynamic claims, but this should nip the air away cleanly at the back, reducing lift and drag. Seventeen-inch Team Dynamics wheels are the only ones on offer, because they’re the type the race-car variants use: the G40R has been set up to run with the 7.5x17in rims and 205/40 17 tyres.



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