Perhaps the most interesting thing about the FF is the absence of a direct rival. Probably the closest competitor is the Bentley Continental GT, but in truth they are very different cars.

The Bentley is heavier, more obviously four-wheel drive, and not as agile or fun to drive.

Then there's the fact that the Ferrari is remarkably well packaged, with plenty of interior space (yes, it really seats four), a decent load bay, and a refined and comfortable cabin.

While you could conclude that a 4.9m-long car should be able to offer decent space, the Maserati GranTurismo is only 20mm shorter and yet provides significantly less space.

Given all this, it is impossible not to be impressed by what Ferrari has achieved. The only word of caution, though, is that the FF is a different type of Ferrari to a 599 or 458, and for anyone contemplating a purchase, that is key to understand.

For some the FF may be too big, too heavy, and with its four-wheel-drive safety catch, even too conservative to offer a proper Ferrari fix.

Others may find it too noisy and punishingly raw for high-end grand touring. But for those in-between, those willing to compromise slightly at either end and also not yield to inclement weather, the FF could be the compelling purchase of a lifetime.

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