On the face of it, there’s quite a lot to like about the Citroën C5 Aircross. It’s an interestingly designed car that’s good to sit in, with the right kinds of material in the right kind of place, and an intelligent interior design that provides lots of room in the rear and boot and a particularly versatile interior arrangement, too, thanks to a two-height boot floor and three individual folding rear chairs.

There’s plenty of space and quite a lot of comfort and interest for those in the front as well. Its fascia’s funky dials are cool, the seats are grand and it’s comfortable enough to drive. That its costs are reasonable makes it quite a compelling ownership proposition.

Attractive and interesting, though its style is better than its substance

From that point on, though, the case is harder to make. Inconsistencies in how it drives undermine what would otherwise be a relaxing, loping ride. It’s all very well being soft, but when that forces you to manage your inputs, it ends up no more relaxing than a firmer-riding SUV would be, and such an SUV might give something tangible back to the keener driver. Likeable though it is, the C5 Aircross doesn’t quite hit either note.

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