Citroen started off claiming the C5 would beat most Mondeo-class competitors for residual value, and match the best-in-class VW Passat, but it hasn't worked out quite like that. Still, the company has resisted discounting the car heavily, and this has helped: C5 holds its value at class-average levels, and better than previous bigger Citroens

The C5 was clearly designed from the beginning to be a painless car to own, and that's the triuth about it. Insurance is competitive, service intervals are long and costs are affordable, and Citroën’s reputation for good after-sales practice is getting better.

Vicky Parrott

Deputy reviews editor
Citroen's C5 is well priced against rivals, and its residuals compare okay, too.

Even the CO2 rating isn’t too bad for a car of this size and power, though with the cleanest C5 – the-120g/km e-HDi 1.6 diesel – the range is lacking the fleet-favourite sub-115g/km model that Ford and VW both offer in the Mondeo and Passat.

The C5 is at least competitively priced and very well equipped next to comparable rivals, but a shortage of engine options makes the line-up look noticeably more limited next to the spread of engines offered by more mainstream competition.

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