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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The revised X7 range is priced from just over £75,000 in the UK, rising to just under £93,000 for an M50i. In the latter case, that’s likely to be a hike more than Audi will soon be charging for a petrol-powered SQ7, but a reasonable amount less than Mercedes will ask for the GLS 63. The Range Rover Sport P525 Autobiography Dynamic is almost exactly the same price, and doesn’t get seven seats as standard, so in that respect at the very least, BMW can claim this car is reasonably priced.

Our test car’s £113,000 after-options price didn’t by any means include every available extra, but oddly it didn’t have BMW’s Ultimate Package, which would have bundled much of the optional content it had fitted anyway and added other highlights (rear-seat entertainment screens, rear window blinds and a TV tuner) without adding much at all to the overall cost. It’s likely to be a common feature of more lavishly equipped X7s.

X7 M50i just pips the diesel Mercedes GLS and six-cylinder Range Rover by retaining 50% of its value after three years

Our testing suggests fuel economy won’t be a selling point, just as you’d be likely to expect, but equally it may not be quite the insult some are expecting. Although thirsty when driven hard, as we’ve already alluded to, our test car proved capable of returning a shade over 30mpg on our gentler 70mph touring test. Would an M50d have done better? Almost certainly – but, at a guess, maybe only by 10% or 20%. At the M50i’s rate of thirst, its 83-litre fuel tank would still give it a pretty decent 550- mile range between (costly) fills.

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