From £72,0659

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

With prices starting from under £70,000 for the entry-level xDrive40, the iX can be considered an alternative to the market’s better-established, premium-branded electric SUVs (Mercedes-Benz EQC, Jaguar I-Pace) at the lower end of the price scale, as well as its more exotic ones (Tesla Model X Plaid, Audi E-tron S Quattro) at the upper end.

Given the performance, refinement, versatility and space demonstrated by our test car, its starting price of just under £100,000 – full-size Range Rover money, in other words – seemed reasonable to most testers, although no doubt some will question if this car is desirable enough to justify its higher price points.

The iX clears the biggest obstacles associated with running an electric car in 2022, but perhaps not with the commanding ease you might expect. In chilly conditions, our car proved itself capable of a 70mph UK motorway touring range of 274 miles on a 100% charge, rising to 326 miles at 50mph (the test average energy efficiency of 2.4mpkWh included performance testing, as ever). That lifts it clear of rivals from Jaguar, Mercedes and Audi, but perhaps not by the margin many expected.

DC rapid charging at up to 200kW is offered as standard, at which pace a 10-80% charge would be possible in under 30 minutes, where available.