The BMW 5 Series GT is an excellent ownership proposition. For roughly the same initial cost as a high-spec 530d Touring you get a far superior interior and vastly more cabin space plus the eight-speed auto.

A high standard spec should also help keep the initial buying expenses down, too. Running costs will be good for business or customer buyers alike; the 530d model offers combined economy of 36.1mpg and CO2 emissions of just 173g/km, promising low tax and fuel bills for a car of this persuasion, while residual values are also acceptable, if nothing unusual for a BMW. If you are looking for low emissions and better economy, the 520d is the best option with a combined output of around 51mpg and produces 149g/km of carbon dioxide.

Petrol options are hard to justify but deliver amazing refinement

The other oil-burner is the more potent 535d, which offers more pace with only a minor hit in fuel economy and CO2 emissions; indeed, at 175g/km, it falls into the same VED band as the 530d.

As you might expect, the petrol options are hard to recommend; the 535i will struggle to get much beyond 25mpg in real-world use, and CO2 emissions of 209g/km ramp up the tax implications.

The 550i, meanwhile, gets BMW’s V8, with bags of power and torque. But you’ll be lucky to see much beyond 20mpg, and 263g/km of CO2 means you should file it under ‘Russian empresarios only’.


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