Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Purchasing and running a Bentley is not intended to be cheap. The Mulsanne is a hand-built statement of startling financial clout.

Next to its nearest rivals, the car isn’t particularly expensive, but Bentley would prefer you to think of the Mulsanne’s £220k price tag as a jumping-off point for a prodigious customisation process.

It wouldn't be hard to spec a Mulsanne to more than £300,000

So yes, you could easily spend Phantom money on a Mulsanne, but does that matter? No, because in many ways the Bentley is the more compelling car. Just don’t expect the expense to cease on delivery.

The Mulsanne’s coal-fire-like CO2 emissions of 393g/km earn it an M-rated tax band, and servicing won’t be in the slightest bit cheap.

That said, in our experience you can expect a halfway-reasonable 22mpg from the car on a clear 70mph run – which is certainly progress if you choose to judge via the right standards.