The new Flying Spur is a luxury saloon with both the soul and, arguably, the model mechanicals of a sports car. It handles better and goes harder than you’d imagine it will ever need to in order to satisfy the typical owner.

But while we can praise it for such a remarkable breadth of ability, we must also take issue with the Spur’s small but clear deficit in luxury focus. It sounds like an unreasonable judgement on something that’s clearly trying to do, and to be, so much more than a wafty luxo-barge. But in the end, the credit for all that pace and purpose cannot outweigh the acknowledgement that, just as has been true since 2005, the Flying Spur should, first and foremost, be a better limousine: a tiny bit slicker and smoother to drive; more isolated and genteel over tougher surfaces; just a little bit more accommodating in key areas.

Trounces rivals for driver appeal, but not in every way that matters

With all that modern chassis technology on board, this car doesn’t miss the particular standards it’s aiming for by much. But in something aiming for such dynamic excellence, you can’t ignore what this car lacks any more than you can miss the ways in which it goes so far beyond your expectations.

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