Makes your Conti stand out in the football club car park, but doesn't make it a better drive.

What’s new?

The Mulliner driving pack, adding £6000 to the £112,750 list of the Continental GT. Your extra money gets you smart 20-inch, seven spoke alloys and diamond quilted seats and door trims. More minor addenda includes drilled alloy pedals and a ‘sporting’ chrome gearshift.

What’s it like?

No question, the best thing about the standard Conti GT is the luxuriant ambience of its cabin and going for the Mulliner pack improves things further. But it is billed as a driving pack after all, and, despite having a better cabin to sit in, the the driver’s lot isn’t improved. Sure those 20-inch alloys don’t corrupt ride quality (normal cars run on 19s), but it still feels like a heavy, blunt device. A fabulously quick cruiser, yes, but an Aston DB9, say, has far greater alacrity.

Should I buy one?

If you’ve already decided on a Conti GT then the Mulliner pack is the way to go. It makes a sensational interior even better, it may even make your car stand out amongst the swathes of Conti GTs now swanning round the smart bits of most cities. But don’t expect it to be better to drive.

Chas Hallett

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