If you’re reading these pages, the chances are you’ll want the Audi TT to offer something more than it has by tradition.

That it is easy on the eye inside and out will never be in doubt. That its interior seems to be constructed solidly and interestingly is a given, too. To those attributes you can add efficient powertrains and cast-iron residual values. As ever, the TT gets them all.

At last, the TT is starting to get the moves to match its looks

What has in the past prevented it from making the leap from competent coupé into class leader in our eyes, however, has been the way it has driven. It has previously shown a little too much of the Volkswagen Golf/Audi A3 on which it is based. With their dynamic renaissance, however, the TT has taken a turn for the better, too.

It’s more agile, adjustable and engaging than ever. But more so than its crucial hot hatch rivals? Not quite – and against them the TT still looks expensive and underpowered – but it is the most promising small Audi coupé yet.