So long as someone else is paying to fill it up, there’s much to be said for the Audi S4.

It looks great and is clearly fabulously bolted together out of almost uniformly high-quality materials. It’ll put a broad grin on your face just seeing it outside your house.

The S4 is a refined and desirable car, but those seeking an engaging driving experience should look elsewhere

Which is perhaps just as well because the driving experience is unlikely to elicit more than a thin smile. In cars such as this, mere competence and point-to-point speed is not enough.

We know this is no RS model, but BMW shows clearly that even small saloons and estates need not be piping hot to fully engage the driver: nicely warmed up can do the job just as well.

In the end, while we admire and respect the depth of the S4’s engineering, the car takes itself a little too seriously to be able to charm its way into your heart. And for this kind of money and that kind of power, we don’t think that’s too much to ask.


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