Even though the Audi RS6 is clearly built with the autobahn in mind, it actually offers a rather compelling solution to the fraught and frustrating business of making decent progress on an intensely overcrowded island.

It will transport you and yours in hushed, handsome surroundings, accommodate the dog, not get stuck in the snow and look a mean million bucks.

Breathtaking performance partnered with familiar dynamic failings

It will also devour whole rows of slow-moving traffic in face-squashing, space-defying bouts of genuinely unearthly acceleration.

No one who could claim to be enthusiastic about cars would deny that transforming a two-tonne Avant into a reusable skyrocket isn’t at least moderately irresistible. As a throttle and brake hotrod, hot-wired to a guffaw and a head shake, the RS6 stands alone. 

But, the discontinued, yet better-rounded RS4 below it, quattro GmBH has failed to add a third dimension to its new bludgeon. Neutered by its haphazard steering and insistent chassis, the car too often obliges you to hang on rather than take the reins.

That distinction won’t trouble everyone; for us it remains the difference between the merely memorable and the truly marvellous. 


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