With its svelte, cut-crystal exterior lines and a cabin teeming with digital interfaces, the new A7 might seem irresistible for those who require a technological status symbol.

That Audi has carved from a low-slung silhouette such generous space for passengers and luggage lends the car added grand touring appeal, something only enhanced by a diesel-electric mild-hybrid powertrain of commendable refinement, economy and potency.

Easy on the eye and to live with, but let down by stolid dynamics

So why only three and a half stars? The answer is found in this car’s chassis, which, although sure-footed, possesses neither the ability to engage the driver beyond a basic level nor the calibre of ride quality we’d expect from a long-legged four-door coupé.

Handling is extremely competent but nothing more, and there’s a pervasive lack of feel throughout the driving controls. These are characteristics one might accept in an accomplished cruiser but the A7 also labours over rougher surfaces and unexpected contours.

Ultimately, then, this fashionable Audi never quite delivers on its promise.

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