From £39,5008

Hybrid tech boosts refinement, charm and running credentials

The mid-sized executive saloon is one of Audi’s more practised art forms. Many it now makes are a far cry from the restrained, refined, relaxing prospects that the company became so celebrated for 30 years ago, but this whispering, immutably solid-feeling, understated petrol-electric A6 comes straight from its classic playbook.

The car is hushed, smooth, comfortable and easy to drive. It has an attractive, roomy, expensive-feeling cabin that looks good and is a pleasure to while away the hours within. It has ample performance to go with its excellent cruising manners but isn’t over-endowed for pace. It handles with total assuredness and security, but little frippery. And the electric half of its drivetrain delivers useful range, slick drivability and the potential for worthwhile economy savings – but, just like the performance and handling, it isn’t allowed for a moment to divert or corrupt the straightforward Germanic focus of the car one iota.

Spec advice? A Sport-trim car might go the farthest on a charge, but S Line opens up a lot of options – so have it. Add the Tour Pack (£1950), the Comfort and Sound Pack (£2295) and the Storage Pack (£100).

This new-age Audi A6 PHEV has your everyday motoring needs covered as consummately as any ever has. Entertainment is beyond its remit, really – but as a serious executive operator, few are better.

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