Cleaner new engine beats the taxman, but not the diesel alternative.

What's new?

Meet Audi's riposte to the taxman. The new 2.8-litre FSI V6 version of the A6 delivers most of the performance of the existing 3.2-litre motor while turning in better economy and emissions numbers than the old 2.4-litre unit that it replaces.

That translates into 210bhp, 32.5mpg and 209g/km of CO2 with the optional CVT auto 'box: impressive considering the amount of car being lugged around.

What's it like?

Pretty painless. The new engine combines reasonable low-down torque with a decently enthusiastic top-end, and although the CVT transmission is prone to the occasional low-speed lurch it settles down to deliver impressive low-rev motorway cruising speeds.

The rest of the A6 experience remains as before: a great cabin and strong equipment levels but a ride quality that gets too busy over rougher surfaces.

So, should I buy one?

For diesel-phobic company car users the 2.8 A6 makes a strong case for itself, but the 2.7-litre TDI is real-world faster and more frugal.

Mike Duff

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