The Audi A6 is very good in every department - but never exceptional. This tells you much that you need to know. Equipped with a decent chassis, the A6 sets impressively high standards across the board without once threatening to blow the class out of the water.

This is another recent Audi that rides well on UK roads. The steel-sprung cars ride better than those on air, while the bigger the wheel and tyre, especially on S-line suspension, the worse the ride gets. Were it not for the numb steering around the straight ahead, the A6 would be even better to drive. Body control and grip levels are good, even on the front-wheel-drive cars.

Choose steel springs, rather than air-suspension if you can - its much better

The cabin is as good as any we’ve seen in the class in terms of quality, if not style and ergonomics. It’s also getting dangerously close to treading on the A8’s toes in terms of space. That every model gets satellite navigation as standard is an added bonus, while the rest of the kit list is generous, too.

Still, we should not ignore Audi’s achievement in at last making an A6 that’s almost as good to drive as it is to look at.

That it doesn’t take class leadership is an indication of how close those cars are now bunched and how high the overall standard is. Truth is that the new A6 is a car of which Audi can be proud and, should you be in the market for a large saloon, estate or rugged estate with a premium badge on the front, one at which you should take a long, hard look.

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