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Essex firm claims performance of fast Ford siblings is elevated to the next level

Ford performance specialist Mountune has revealed new tuning kits for the Puma ST and Fiesta ST, bringing their performance up to new heights “while retaining expert levels of driveability”.

The new m260 kit, which can be installed on both the Puma ST and Fiesta ST, promises a power increase to between 246bhp and 256bhp - a significant step up from the stock 197bhp and a near direct match for the 257bhp Toyota GR Yaris.

The upgrade, which includes an induction kit, charge-pipe kit and intercooler, also sees torque boosted to 269lb ft. The kit costs £675 for new customers, while owners with previous Mountune upgrades can increase their existing tune for £99. 

“The Puma ST has been well received since it launched, and we've worked hard to improve the already impressive vehicle, taking its performance to the next level,” said Mountune boss David Mountain. “The two kits launched for this car increase both power and performance whilst retaining an OEM-plus feel."

The Puma ST also receieves the m235 kit, which was previously available only for the Fiesta ST. It costs £575, and increases the hot crossover’s power from 197bhp to 231bhp, while raising torque from 236lb ft to 258lb ft.

Both new kits also feature enhanced exhaust output noise, more aggressive launch control, optimised no-lift shift and an anti-theft mode. They each retain the factory-equipped partiulate filter and catalyst assemblies.

“The Fiesta ST is a platform that we already know well from our m225 and m235 power upgrades, but m260 really improves this already impressive vehicle even further," Mountain explained. "Fiesta ST owners are a dedicated bunch who love getting as much performance as they can out of their cars, and we can’t wait to start delivering our latest power upgrade to them.”

Customers are able to install different calibrations from their driveway, using Mountune’s Bluetooth OBD dongle and its Smartflash app on a smartphone or tablet. Both kits are available to order now.


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Peter Cavellini 4 June 2021

The m235 kit is better, gives more power/ torque,and is cheaper?, and it was on the Fiesta before?

uk_supercar_fan 4 June 2021
@jason_recliner I feel your pain.
jason_recliner 4 June 2021

Jesus christ, Crapellini.  What's in the kit?  What do you think existing customers might have already purchased?  For fucks sake.