Mitsubishi to premiere a new global saloon model at the Shanghai motor show
15 April 2013

This is the Mitsubishi Concept G4, shown ahead of its debut at the Shanghai motor show next week. The new compact saloon is planned to be sold globally.

The Concept G4 is based around Mitsubishi’s lightweight Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body. Mitsubishi says the high-tensile body contributes to best-in-class fuel efficiency. It is powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine mated to a CVT gearbox.

Mitsubishi says its light weight contributes to “agile and pleasing” dynamics and a comfortable ride. 

The Concept G4’s styling will influence Mitsubishi’s future saloons. Key design concepts include a short nose, new swage lines and a “high-clarity” diamond motif. Large door openings, a high hip point and “generous” rear seat space are claimed.

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15 April 2013

Similarities to the 1st generation Prius, wheels that are too small and a set of cheap aftermarket alloys....and this is supposed to be a concept. Mitsubishi really are in the styling doldrums at the moment, just look at the new Mirage as evidence.

15 April 2013

This is just getting sad now... They plan to sell this globally, why? Do they really think that a Mirage sedan will sell in Europe? Even in the US i think this will have very limited appeal. Just hire some designers, for Petes sake.



15 April 2013

Safe to say that if this found its way to the UK, sales would be minimal. It looks awful, and from the side it just looks too tall and ungainly, especially with that much metalwork above the wheelarches.

15 April 2013

This looks so ill proportioned it's almost like a supermini hatch with a boot on it, like a Fiesta Saloon that is offered in some markets.

Maybe Mitsubishi will offer it as a hatch over here?

15 April 2013

Proportions flawed. Situation desperate. The highs of the Mitsubishi Evo seem a long time ago now. 

16 April 2013

They previewed this at the Bangkok Motor Show already. It makes sense for emerging markets, not so sure how well it will be received  in the UK though.

16 April 2013

I reckon you'd be safe to assume that this car will never be sold in the UK, as it's not in any future product line up ( i know, i have inside knowledge!) and is really designed to sell in the BRIC (Brazil, India, Russia and China) trade region, hence it's launch at the Shanghai Motor Show.

17 April 2013

The current Lancer is so very much better looking than this. They really have lost the plot. Even the new Outlander looks rough.

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