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New variant of BMW's front-drive Active Tourer spotted undergoing trials ahead of a planned launch next year
Matt Burt
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5 August 2014

The seven-seat version of the new BMW 2-series Active Tourer has again been spotted testing in preparation for its arrival in car showrooms in 2015.

BMW's new seven-seat model will have the same wheelbase as the five-seat 2-series Active Tourer, which goes on sale in the UK in late September.

However, it will have slightly longer bodywork than the five-seater, which measures 4342mm in length. Occupant accommodation will be arranged in a two-three-two formation, with two small seats in the rear.

It seems the model could feature some clever packaging of the two rear-most seats, which could fold out from the side of the car rather than up from the floor.

It’s not yet clear how much boot space the seven seater will offer compared with the 468 to 1510 litres (with seats folded flat) of load room in the five-seat version.

BMW UK is eagerly anticipating the model because it currently has only one seven-seat model in its line-up, the BMW X5, which offers the specification of two extra rear seats.

The seven-seat 2-series Active Tourer is expected to command a premium of between £1400-1500 over the five-seat version. This means the range can be expected to start at around £25,500 for the entry-level 218i SE variant.

BMW is expected to make a formal announcement about the seven-seat 2-series Active Tourer towards the end of this year.

The model, which represents a sea change for the Munich manufacturer in that it utilises front-wheel-drive architecture, is expected to open up new target customer groups for BMW.


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19 July 2014
So this is the BMW S-Max. And now that they're making FWD vans, BMW now has a wider model range than Ford. So much for exclusivity and a 'prestige' nameplate. Now they're making these, Peugeots will be more exclusive.

21 July 2014
concinnity wrote:

So this is the BMW S-Max.

I actually think its a Grand C-Max not an S-Max.

Autocar wrote:

It seems the model could feature some clever packaging of the two rear-most seats, which could fold out from the side of the car rather than up from the floor.

You mean like a Landrover 110/Defender used to? Clever these Germans..

21 July 2014

22 July 2014
If you wanted to abandon the engineering why didn't you engineer these as mini, I will never take any of that crap regarding balance or anything like that you say again seriously again, i mean i walk into a showroom i see this car and I say to the salesmen BMW "BMW were of the opinion that FWD was not the best way to go and built up the brand using those values, I particularly wanted a BMW because they still seem to be focused on making good drivers cars and have not gone down the Mercedes route and forget the Audi blunderbusses, what's changed?

Salesman...Er...the world?


5 August 2014
2-series AT and X1 going FWD... Why? Economy of scale - the platform already exists for Mini. Better packaging. Lower drivetrain costs. Better in Winter (for those who won't fit winter tyres). Etc. Meanwhile I doubt the BMW sales rep will be too worried about you going off to search for some other RWD car (they just stopped making the Hindustan Ambassador, but I can recommend a Caterham to anyone who thinks a BMW drives nicely). They will be too busy celebrating sales commissions from all the CMax etc owners going for a posher badge on the front of their MPV...

5 August 2014
Panel in the rear doors and it would make a very nice van, like the ones from Mercedes Benz. BMW Maxivan. Cheque please!


5 August 2014
... to the market. Probably just as well, it looks quite ugly in the pictures, something one can (almost) safely assume that Audi's V(?) will avoid, so it will need a sales headstart.

6 February 2015
As the Smax is generally bought in high spec trim by those for whom premium cars no longer offer enough seats.
Just cos local BME dealer has one of these in the showroom it wouldnt put me off on M4 or 535

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