Next-generation coupé spotted testing, but despite being engineered in RHD form it won't be sold in this country
Mark Tisshaw
25 August 2014

Hyundai has stepped up development of its new Genesis Coupe – but the model will not be following the saloon on which it is based onto UK roads.

The decision to offer the Genesis saloon for sale in the UK in limited numbers was taken as the model was engineered in right-hand drive for the first time.

The Genesis Coupe is also engineered for right-hand drive, but Hyundai UK has decided against taking the two-door model as the volumes would be even smaller than that of the four-door saloon. 

The Genesis saloon is available to order in the UK now ahead of deliveries early next year. Its price is yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be just under £50,000.

In the UK, the model will only be offered with a 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine and rear-wheel drive.

The Genesis Coupe, a BMW 6-series rival, is set to be revealed before the year is out ahead of a 2015 launch in key markets including North America.

While right-hand drive examples won’t be launched in the UK, they are expected to be offered in other right-hand drive markets such as Australia. At the top of the range will be a 5.0-litre V8-powered all-wheel drive version with in excess of 450bhp.  

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Our Verdict

Hyundai Genesis
The Hyundai Genesis is powered by a 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine

The Korean firm has made progress in its quest to match executive saloons from Audi, Mercedes and BMW, but on this evidence there's still work to do

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25 August 2014
So importing a 3.8 engine coupe could be relatively practical with parts shared with the uk saloon.

25 August 2014
Nothing wrong with the Car,but saying they won't might make enough people ask,why?,it's UK ready,RHD and so on,reverse thinking here?

Peter Cavellini.

25 August 2014
Hope they colour code those door handles, I know they follow a styling line, but side on they look really odd...

26 August 2014
That's just a test mule, don't take it literally. It's not meant to be pretty nor be 100%.
It's too bad it's not available given that's it could be easily be made street ready. It's actually much nicer in person and the proportion and stance makes it very attractive with road presence.


25 August 2014
Don't think we'll miss too much from a styling point of view, though the droopy rear window is eccentrically interesting. The door handle angle is rather odd though, as (at least in the pic) it doesn't look aligned with the vehicle at all.

25 August 2014
Saying that it doesn't exactly set the heather on fire anyway. They've not come on much with this over 20 or so years other than make it much bigger. Is car design really that hard? They love showing off the latest CAD tech yet so many cars appear super dull at a time when technology allows incredibly intricate and exciting shapes to be mass produced.

25 August 2014
No fun at all. I'd be really up for the 5.0 V8.

25 August 2014
I think Toyota and Subaru have ably proved that non German coupes just don't sell in this country, no matter how good and well reviewed. A slow selling coupe would just be a distraction from the bread and butter stuff.

25 August 2014
Shame the Genesis coupe isn't coming to the UK, this would help Hyundai move more upmarket, so they can differentiate from KIA. And for those mentioning the looks, this is just a test mule based on the current gen coupe, i doubt the new one will look anything like this when its released Also are you sure about the price, im sure the current one is a lot cheaper than £50,000

25 August 2014
Looking at Hyundai's global product range, I'm baffled why they think Genesis would sell in Europe.

For the USA, they build 3 models bigger and more luxurious than the Sonata/i40 which we get in the UK - the Azera, Genesis and Equus which are pitched in the US against the M-B C, E and S-classes (but without the image of course). I know they want to move upmarket but I'd have thought the Azera would be the more obvious place to start.

What is perverse is that Hyundai's modern R-series 2.2 diesel has a sibling, the S-series 3.0 V6 diesel but they don't use it in Europe in any model.


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