The Trident Iceni promises 0-62mph in 3.7sec and a near-200mph top speed. It will premiere at Salon Prive next month
23 August 2012

Historic British car manufacturer Trident is to reveal an all-new car, the Iceni, at Salon Privé 2012 next month.

The Iceni boasts all the required statistics for a £75,000 GT. It produces 430bhp, sprints from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and can reach nearly 200mph. However, the Iceni is unique in being offered solely with a diesel engine.

The Iceni’s huge 6.6-litre diesel is front-mid mounted, to aid weight distribution. Along with 430bhp, 950lb ft of torque is also available, produced at ‘under 3250rpm’. Furthermore, Trident is to offer a power upgrade, offering 660bhp and 1050lb ft of torque. The Iceni will run on bio diesel, palm oil and linseed oil.

The Iceni has been tuned so that 70mph can be achieved with the engine running at only 980rpm. A constant cruise at this speed will yield 68.9mpg and a theoretical range of over two thousand miles. Flexibility should be maintained at this low engine speed with 700lb ft of torque still on offer.

Orders for the Trident Iceni will be taken when it makes its debut at Salon Prive from 5th-7th September.

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23 August 2012

Those figures look impressive and nice to see something that is diesel powered. Impressed that they are Norfolk-based, now I have the option to buy from two local manufacturers. There would have been three, but the Breckland Beira (totally amazing machine) met a sad fate, the way that many seem to go these days. 

I wish you the very best of luck, if my numbers come up I will put my name down for one!

23 August 2012

How many style cues can you spot?....i'm spotted over 10!, oh, and he car's aweful.

23 August 2012

The styling isnt very inpressive, but its great to see someone finally making a proper high performance diesel. Maybe Merc will finally drop its diesel V8 into the SL and BMW its twin turbo 4s and 6s into the Z4 ?

23 August 2012

Is this the same Trident Iceni that was to drive from Norwich to Monaco on a single tank of fuel back in 2007?

23 August 2012

Any idea how much this weighs?

Which truck does the engine come from and just how bad will it sound?

24 August 2012

It's the engine from the Chevy Silverado, I've got one and I can vouch for its cojones.  It's manufactured by Isuzu, a Japanese subsidiary of GM.  In the truck it is mated to an Allison automatic, which is 5spd + lockup.  It's a great combination with a first class reputation.  Don't know where the Trident's 8 spd comes from.

I wouldn't buy one.  It's probably like a junior Veyron, huge whoosh in a straight liine but hard to love.  I'll have a Boxster S please.

5 September 2012

I first saw this car back in February 2007 and ive followed its progress closely.  Now completely redesigned and rebuilt from the original car shown 5 years ago it is certainly something to behold.

First of all I have to say the shape and form of the design is simply beautifull.  Its curves and lines look similiar to that of the Jaguar CX75 concept car.  The car has real poise and is very imposing;  it is not a small sports car like a Boxster or MX5. 

The car will be sold in two guises a standard model and an 'R' Spec model.  The Standard model has a 6 speed automatic box giving 480bhp + 980 ftlbs of torque.  The 'R' model has carbon ceramic discs(£18k upgrade on the Nissan GTR), Alcon brakes, 9 speed auto box with paddleshift and from what ive heard 700bhp and close to 1200 ftlbs of torque.

This sounds absolutely fantastic, however we are missing the point here.  The fuel consumption is the figure that blows everything else out of the water.  70mpg at 70 miles per hour??!!??  name me another supercar that can offer anywhere near the performance figures but with the economy to match, you cant as there isnt one!

Iam looking forward to seeing the race car version of the Iceni at the Brit Car 24hr race. It was on display at the Silverstone Classic along with a preview Iceni both of which Iam sure are going to turn heads.

To finish I will simply say stop being so pessimistic people.  This is a great looking car with performance and economy and its being built right here in our home country and whats more doesnt cost the earth to own.

2 April 2019
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30 September 2019

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