Currently reading: Porsche tops US JD Power survey
But the results make disappointing for most European brands

Porsche is top of the influential US J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Initial Quality Study - but the results make disappointing reading for most European brands.

The J.D. Power study measures owner complaints after approximately 90 days of ownership.

See the full US J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Initial Quality Study results chart

Aside from Porsche's success and Mercedes's top-five ranking, European manufacturers suffer a poor showing. Most notably Audi, BMW and Jaguar are all lagging below industry average and Land Rover was the lowest-rated of all brands included.

Toyota took a severe tumble, falling from sixth a year ago to 21st as a result of its quality problems and subsequent recalls.

Lexus, however, remained in the top five, while the Lexus LS notched up the industry-best score for an individual car.

Ford also became the first Detroit car maker to enter the top five.

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Speed King 18 June 2010

Re: Porsche tops US JD Power survey

Seems Land Rover still haven't solved their old reliability problems

marj 18 June 2010

Re: Porsche tops US JD Power survey

nicksheele wrote:
VW's sh!te ranking - 3rd bottom - is down to having the majority of its US-market products being thrown together in Mexico. Fair enough, US deserves third-rate garbage.

Stange that, because virtually everything I have been in recently with a VW badge and tales of my colleagues certainly back up this ranking. 20 or so cars built in the last 2 years seem more that the odd random.

Surely it's a basic business requisite that the quality from whichever factory is up to the same standard. Indeed, there is no difference between SA built 7 series or products from Munchen, so why would this difference apply to VW?

trocadero 18 June 2010

Re: Porsche tops US JD Power survey

Los Angeles wrote:

It is a great pity there is no equivalent in the UK, although there is the much under-rated Consumer Guide. UK magazine hacks tend to note the odd piece of stray plastic in initial tests, and then say nothing more until the "Pre-Owned" section by which time it is too late to stop you from having bought new. JD Power car surveys carry a lot of weight in the USA.

There is a JD Power report in the UK, published in association with Autocar's sister publicaton What Car?