Currently reading: Volkswagen shows off go-faster Polo GTI
Revised hot supermini gets a power hike to 189bhp and 236lb ft and is now available with a six-speed manual gearbox

Volkswagen has displayed its updated version of the Polo GTI, which features more power and a manual transmission, at the Paris motor show.

The hottest model in the newly facelifted Polo model eschews the turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder direct injection petrol engine of its direct predecessor in favour of a more powerful turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder direct injection unit from the Audi-developed EA888 engine family.

The adoption of the new engine sees power increase by 11bhp, rising from an earlier 178bhp to 189bhp. It also brings an additional 56lb ft of torque, which has increased from a previous 184lb ft to 236lb ft.

In a further change, Volkswagen now offers the Polo GTI with a standard six-speed manual gearbox. The previous model was sold exclusively with a seven-speed dual shift gearbox – a unit that now comes as an option.

In line with other Polo models, it also offers the choice of ‘Sport-Select’ suspension featuring adaptive damping control.

Volkswagen is yet to quote a weight figure for its new go-fast Polo, but official performance figures point to a considerable 0.7sec reduction in the 0-62mph time at 6.7sec, along with a 5mph increase in top speed at 147mph.

The range-topping Polo GTI is differentiated from other Polo models by uniquely styled bumpers, red GTI badges, widened sills underneath the doors and a subtle tailgate spoiler.

Inside, it receives a sports steering wheel, unique instrument graphics and contoured sport seats similar in style to those seen in the front cabin of the larger Golf GTI.

The new model goes on sale this month but official pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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catnip 18 September 2014

Surely this will sell much

Surely this will sell much better than the previous version, and, if it does, maybe Skoda will re-think their plans about a vRS Fabia? If the tide really does start to turn against diesel, maybe it would be a better option.
fadyady 18 September 2014

Perhaps worth a test drive

It looks just like a smaller Golf GTI. So no surprises there in the typical Volkswagen manner. Engine choice has got better and so glad they dropped the idea that everybody wants to own their dodgy-shift-gear-box.
Zimmerit 18 September 2014

Looks even duller

than my VRs (Fabia) and that's saying something. Whilst my twincharger has used a fair bit of expensive synthetic it's nowhere near as bad as earlier versions and amply compensated by really rather good economy and a pleasant noise, can't really complain about the engine at all.

The DSG I find a bit anodyne, it rattles like a bag of ballbearings on a trailing throttle (they all do that sir! and indeed per Google they do) and is just not a patch on a semi auto I had on a 156 GTA. At least now the Polo gives the option of a manual, fair do's for that.

Still wish Skoda had a Fabia performance diseasil though. Maybe the recent upsurge in negative vibes surrounding diseasil emissions may have put them off?