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The 2013 Ferrari Enzo successor will benefit from cutting-edge composite technology honed in Formula 1

The 2013 Ferrari Enzo will be more than 20 per cent lighter, stiffer and more rigid than the previous iteration of the supercar, thanks to the use of the latest carbonfibre technology derived from the firm's F1 involvement.

Former Ferrari F1 technical director Rory Byrne, who led the team to 11 F1 world championships, has overseen the project, and says the car's use of the latest carbonfibre tech will be unrivalled by any other manufacturer. By implication, this suggests Ferrari believes its use of materials is ahead of rivals including McLaren, Porsche and Jaguar.

"By using several different types of, including multi-directional and fabric weaves, we are able to open up opportunities to improve the car in every area," said Byrne at the Paris motor show. "We can use different forms of carbonfibre according to the loads on areas of the chassis, ensuring strength where we need it, but never more than we need."

Other weight saving and performance measures on the new car will include integrating the front suspension pick up points in the chassis, plus the dash crossmember and fuel tank protection, as on the Enzo, as well as incorporating the battery compartment and seat structure within the chassis. The car's roof is also integrated via bonding and bolting to the chassis. Insiders have suggested the chassis' overall weight is just 70kg.

Benefits of the extra rigidity also include opportunities for improved packaging, with Ferrari highlighting the narrow sill width and likely open access to the cockpit among the benefits. The car will retain the butterfly doors of the old Enzo."Optimising this has only been possible in the last few years due to advances in finite element analysis," said Byrne, who has been working on the project since it began two years ago.

Byrne also intimated that similar weight savings would be possible on all other areas of the car, suggesting a kerb weight of around 1100kg for the final car, which is expected to be shown to customers late this year, ahead of being formally launched at next year's Beijing motor show.

The next Enzo will be more efficient than any current Ferrari model. It will be powered by an F1-inspired drivetrain, previewed at the Beijing motor show earlier this year. The HY-KERS system mates a V12 engine and dual clutch auto to an electric motor which will be mounted at the end of longitudinal gearbox.

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