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The disguised model – codenamed F70 and set to be Maranello’s most expensive hypercar

These are the first spy images of the Ferrari Enzo replacement, scooped testing outside the marque’s factory in Maranello.

The disguised model – codenamed F70 and set to be Maranello’s most expensive hypercar – sits extremely low to the ground and features an elongated rear to house it’s 7.3-litre V12 engine. Mated to the engine is a dual-clutch gearbox and electric motor.

Combined, the HY-KERS system is tipped to produce in the region of 900bhp, which may enable the F70 to strip the Bugatti Veyron from its title as world’s fastest car.

Under the carbonfibre skin of the F70 front sits another electric motor to run ancillaries. 

Behind the new hypercar’s wheels (which feature an F1-style single bolt) sit large, drilled brake discs. A quad exhaust system exits the hypercar’s rear.

The innovative HY-KERS system will make the new Enzo the cleanest and fastest Ferrari in the range. 

The new Ferrari Enzo F70 is expected to go on sale at the beginning of 2013.


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Peter Cavellini 14 June 2012

Enzo, Enzo,.....Enzo??

Side profile on.....bit like a Mclaren, but a tad more exciting probably, especially when Mclaren are updating already,and charging new customers £10K more for it,as opposed to owners already who will gte the upgrade free!?, i'd be miffed, even if £10K wasn't a big deal.  

Symanski 14 June 2012


I wonder if the seating is going to be more like the Honda NSX?   Where you almost lie down on the seats.   It would be more like how racing cars are, but not good for your typical fat Ferrari owner!


The Special One 14 June 2012

If this pushes out 900bhp

If this pushes out 900bhp it'll be a continuation of Ferrari's power surge. The Enzo was on a pace similar to the Zonda F, but this should be a level or two above the Huayra. Then look at the F12 Berlinetta with 730bhp which outpowers the Aventador by 40bhp. While 2 generations ago the 550 Maranello trailed the Diablo by about 85bhp (and 55bhp when uprated to 515bhp). Having a hypercar shootout between the Veyron [Super Sport], the 'F70', Huayra, Aventador, Porsche 918, Koenigsegg Agera and upcoming McLaren hypercar should be insane.

Symanski wrote:

not good for your typical fat Ferrari owner!

Like Jamiroquai or Steve Coogan?