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Facelifted i10 revealed ahead of official launch at this month's Paris motor show

The first pictures of Hyundai’s facelifted i10 have leaked onto the internet ahead of its official launch next week.

The facelifted Hyundai i10 was due to be launched on Monday ahead of its motor show debut at Paris later in the month. These pictures were taken at an event in Seoul, showcasing the i10 BlueOn (an electric car due for launch in 2012) complete with the city car’s new exterior styling.

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The i10’s styling has been overhauled to take design cues from the new ix35 crossover, including that car’s front headlight and front grille layout. There will also be interior changes, although these will be less substantial than the exterior styling tweaks.

All of the i10’s engines will now be Euro 5 emissions compliant; the 1.2 petrol unit will be more powerful and have improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. A new 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine will power a 99g/km model; the 1.1-litre petrol engine will be deleted from the range.

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The BlueOn is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery mated to an 80bhp electric motor that also produces 155lb ft of torque. It can get from 0-62mph in 13.1sec and reach a top speed of 81mph. The car can travel more than 85 miles on a single charge; an 80 per cent charge of its battery takes 25 minutes with a full charge taking six hours.

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jonfortwo 11 September 2010

Re: Revised Hyundai i10 revealed

As much as i dislike Hyundai`s cars (ix35 and 140 especially) i have always had a soft spot for the little i10, it has a unique character and charm lacking elsewhere.

This appears to be a very intelligent update of the design and the 99g/co2 is a real coup if it is well priced..........i would almost be tempted.

supermanuel 10 September 2010

Re: Revised Hyundai i10 revealed

The Special One wrote:
Wow! Another great contribution, cutting down someone else's opinion rather than voicing your own! Is that your (and supermanuel's) method of broadcast?

Calm down dear. It's only a car.

The Special One wrote:
I have looked at the i10 many times; in my opinion it's a perfect supermini! Deal with it, if you can!!

Am I allowed to have my opinion too? Pretty please? Well I've got one anyway, whether you like it or not... This car is not, in any way, 'perfect'. It is, in every way, nothing more than adequate. Big difference. You see, my opinion is based on the fact that I expect my cars to have a certain aesthetic quality, which this car simply does not possess. That is why it is not perfect, in my opinion. I don't have to 'deal with it'- the fact that you believe it to be perfect is entirely your problem.

The Special One wrote:
You have difficulty in initiating communication, I'm always intrigued by this weakness. I'll be very interested to observe your future posting behaviour.

Oh dear, you really are a 'special one' aren't you? What a very odd thing to say. Am I expected to be intimidated or reassured that you will be 'observing my future posting behaviour'?

tannedbaldhead 10 September 2010

Re: Revised Hyundai i10 revealed

fhp11 wrote:
When you see an i10, your instant reaction is WTF.

No it isn't. My experience of driving it is no-one pays attention to it in any way. It's just not noticed, a car one can pick one's nose in without being noticed. It's not the car for me but for those it suits it IS pretty much perfect.

My dog thinks 4x4s are crap because it's too high a jump for the poor old dear to hop into the back. My Girlfriend thinks 4x4 are great because she tows horseboxes and if I'm visiting sites at the end of churned up dirt track I'll grab one my self from the company car park. I think small cars are great because I do most of my driving one-up and in the city. Cars are horse for courses. My advice to you fhp11 is temper your critisism to a cars' abilities rather than your own warped and very judgemental opions and you may come across as slightly less of a tw4t.