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Classic Speedster returns after 16 years and three model generations; Turbo version could follow
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1 October 2010

Porsche has unveiled the new 911 Speedster at the Paris motor show.

The model has been resurrected 16 years and three model generations after it last featured in its line-up – and a hotter, turbocharged version could follow.

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The new car is just the third 911 Speedster to be placed into series production and it follows tradition by being based on the existing cabriolet version of the model.

Paying homage to the car that kicked off Porsche’s fascination with the chopped-top look – the 356 Speedster, launched in 1953 – the new 911 Speedster uses standard bodywork but receives a 60mm shorter and more heavily raked windscreen than other 911s.

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A plastic tonneau cover behind the cabin also receives a double-bubble treatment reminiscent of that which graced the first 911 Speedster in 1988. The overall appearance is further enhanced by the adoption of the widened rear bodywork of the latest 911 Carrera 4S cabriolet, with its 44mm wider wheel housings.

A flat, manually operated fabric hood is designed to provide some protection from the elements, although it is unlikely to be as sturdy as the standard 911 cabriolet’s automatic roof.

Created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Porsche Exclusive – the company’s in-house personalisation programme – the latest 911 also receives an additional chin spoiler at the base of the front bumper, tinted indicator lamps, blackened headlamp surrounds and windscreen frame, unique side sills and a rear bumper with 911 GT3-style air vents behind the rear wheel arches.

Inside, there is a combination of black leather and colour-keyed elements taken from the Porsche Exclusive catalogue.

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Power for the 911 Speedster comes from the same 3.8-litre motor that was unveiled last week in the 911 Carrera GTS, with 402bhp and 310lb ft. But insiders say Porsche could follow the original 356’s plan by introducing a Super Speedster shortly after this car’s launch; it would probably use the 911 Turbo’s powerplant.

Standard equipment on the Speedster includes Porsche’s seven-speed PDK dual-clutch gearbox, a locking differential, adaptive damping and carbon-ceramic brakes.

Porsche plans to produce just 356 examples of the new model. It's due on sale in the UK in January 2011, priced at £144,100.


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21 September 2010

That is one ugly MF. Porsche seriously needs to think about outsource its design ideas because lets all face it, most of its cars are ugly and their drivers look like c*cks...

21 September 2010

Looks a hell of a lot better than a standard drop top 911 to me

21 September 2010

Every time we have a recession, Porsche trots out a 911 Speedster. You can almost picture the product planning meeting: "What new model variant can we get out to shift a few units for minimum cost? I know!"

21 September 2010

[quote gaco1] lets all face it, most of its cars are ugly and their drivers look like c*cks...

Yes, I'll keep in mind that I will, according to you, turn into a c*ck when I buy a 911. I think sweeping offensive statements that cheekily assume everyone agrees with dont't really belong here. This being a forum for car enthusiasts, it is statistically likely that there will be, not only fans, but owners of Porsches on here.

Onto the point at hand - I think this retains a lot of the classic Speedster cues and looks great. I don't buy into the colour but I think it would look excellent in white. The pricing is pretty fresh though, but I'm not sure what a C2S with all this equipment the Speedster gains as standard would cost. Bespoke bodywork and crash reg testing for that new windscreen on a run of 356 cars is bound to be expensive.

21 September 2010

The Hunchback of Zuffenhausen. What on Earth were they thinking when they added that horrible hump to the back of the tonneau cover?

Probable answer: "Zee hump iis for aerodynamic riisons" Sure, but simply make that po-up spoiler work a little harder, Porsche, instead of ruining the looks.

Oh, and the price ridiculous, as usual for these artificially-limited series models, which Porsche seems to launch by the hundreds for every 911 generation. I've lost count of them.

21 September 2010

I am afraid to say the design looks like they have taken all the metalwork from the roof of the car and stuffed on the rear of the car to make it look like an automotive rucksack, downright ugly.

21 September 2010

I thought it was the late 1980's again when I first saw these pics on the press release.

21 September 2010

[quote bomb]I thought it was the late 1980's again when I first saw these pics on the press release.

Recession, check. Ugly 911 Speedster with less stuff and more price, check.


21 September 2010

At least the late 80's speedster looked good. This thing just doesn't look right. Also, why buy this instead of a Boxster Speedster?

21 September 2010

At last, Porsche are trying something err... different with the 911 design. Pity they employed a designer from the kit car industry.

Come on Porsche, you can do better.


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