Engine line up confirmed ahead of Paris launch; Audi MMI-style control for the interior
10 September 2010

Peugeot has released more details of its new 508 range, which will replace both the 407 and now-defunct 607 models in the maker’s line-up.

The cars go on sale next February and will be made in France and China.

See the official pics of the new Peugeot 508 - including new interior pics

Company sources say that the 508 features deliberately ‘pure, sober’ styling that is intended to project an air of precision and long-lasting quality. Much the same can be said for the interior, which is finely detailed and well finished. Peugeot says that the car uses materials that will stay looking ‘new’ for as long as possible.

The 508’s cabin also gets an Audi MMI-style controller and the option of a head-up display. The 508 gets a 10cm wheelbase stretch compared to the 407, which results in improved rear space. The Sport Wagon gets an impressive 660-litre boot.

Read more on the new Peugeot 508

A version of the 112bhp 1.6-litre HDi engine (from summer 2011) will come with a clutchless six-speed manual ’box and stop-start allowing it to return 109g/km of CO2 .

The range-topping GT model gets a 204bhp 2.2-litre diesel hooked up to an ‘efficient’ six-speed autobox. This model also gets wishbone front suspension.

Hilton Holloway

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10 September 2010

This is a vast improvementv on the 407 at least its cleanly styled.The 407 was like 3 different cars joined together.onwards and upwards!!

10 September 2010

Looks clean and smart. Not over styled. I quite like it. As a large family express it should fit the bill. A cheaper option to an Audi A6 Avant size car.

10 September 2010

Clean and smart, yes, but almost nothing about it says "Peugeot". Have had 5 pugs in the family over the last 25 years (learnt to drive and then took my test in a much missed 205), but sadly I'm not sure there will be many more.

10 September 2010

I agree entirely with all of the above; that it is a much more elegant design than Peugeot's recent gargoyles, but there is little to actually say "Peugeot". Perhaps they should go back to Pininfarina (I know they won't). I especially appreciate the "quiet" detailing: the lack of swage lines that disfigure most rivals, betraying that designers are trying too hard, and they have completely avoided the worst current design cliche: the awful rising swage line along the flanks that when it first appeared years ago on the Triumph TR7 was universally ridiculed. How tastes have changed!!!

10 September 2010

I like the restraned looks. i usually find i prefer estates as designers dont seem to know what to do with saloons any more, but here i prefer the saloon. I am not sure about the interior, perhaps it looks better when you are sat in there.

However the biggest worry for me is that there doesnt appear to be a model ( at launch anyway) that i would want to drive.

10 September 2010

My family drives Peugeots since 1967 (we still have grandfathers's 404) and we dont like recent Peugeot designs. If we buy this car it will be because of tradition and maybe because of interior, definitely not because of exterior design.

10 September 2010

(chant) are you Audi, are you Audi, are you Audi in disguise?

...because of this, its a good looking car. i will take an estate version, in 3 years time when they are going for 5 grand

10 September 2010

I didn't know the Mondeo estate was due a facelift ;)

More seriously I think it's quite elegant, but the grill still grates a little, but better than the front end mess of the current batch.

Pity they'll probably be built down to a price and basically rubbish though.

10 September 2010

I like it, it isnt particularly distinctive, or Peugeot-like (though I'm not sure i know what that is), but it is clean and elegant looking. I like the front grille, its strong enough with out being too large, and the proportions are on the whole good, especially without the ridiculous 407 front overhang. There's something about the boot on the saloon that reminds me of the previous 5 series...

The interior, again, is classy looking, avoiding being overstyled. It reminds me somewhat of the Passat/Superb.

10 September 2010

I also think were it for the badges, nobody would guess it's a Peugeot. Especially the interior looks nice but devoid of any trace of originality. Citroen C5 is a far, far better blend of Teutonic solidity with plenty of French flair. It adds some unique technological features, which make it stand out from the crowd. I can't really see what this Peugeot's USP is.


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