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Seventh-generation model launched at the Paris motor show
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1 October 2010

Volkswagen has revealed the seventh generation of its Passat at the Paris motor show, ahead of order books opening in mid-October.

The new model is based on the same underpinnings as the outgoing car, although every body panel has been changed. It’s just four millimetres longer than the old car, at 4769mm, but its width and height remain unchanged.

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Styling changes include a fresh front grille and headlight treatment, and more chrome and new tail-lights at the rear. Inside there’s a revised fascia with new instrument dials and finishes, redesigned seats and a slightly revised centre console.

The line-up of petrol engines comprises a 1.4-litre 120bhp TSI, a 158bhp 1.8, and a 2.0-litre 207bhp TSI. The diesels are a 1.6-litre motor with 104bhp, offering 68.8mpg and 109g/km of CO2 in Bluemotion guise, and a 2.0 with either 138bhp or 168bhp.

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Manual and DSG gearboxes will be offered. VW says the new Passat will offer safety features normally reserved for luxury vehicles, including a “city emergency braking” function that automatically slows the car at speeds below 18mph when it senses an impending collision.

A fatigue detection system will also be offered as standard on the majority of the range. VW says the first deliveries of the car to UK buyers should take place in January 2011.

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29 September 2010

boring hell

29 September 2010

Now this is the most important bit of news (for me) of the year. Why? Because I never thought we would sacrifice european styling to please the chinese. I do know quite well (because of my trade) how strong the chinese are but I do also know that styling wise they are still ages behind us (and this is saving our industries at least partly IMO). But now this comes out. The new Passat. And the styling is the same as the Passat VW is already selling in China! If you do not believe me google vw china and try to find the Passat. Tell me if the exterior is not almost the same. The interior differs and the exterior proportion a bit too. I think this is our Skoda superb with different exterior. But still. From January you will be able to buy the styling China can buy today.

29 September 2010

More of a face lift from the look of it.

However, I think someone gave VW an ugly stick, and the first thing they did with it was beat the Passat with it.

Not good

29 September 2010

I am really getting annoyed with VW now.... this is a joke all new ! its a facelift same as the golf with some new shiny bits stuck on.

The interior looks the same with a golf steering wheel and the whole thing just looks like a bigger Golf. Fair enough the Golf is a good car and VW best car but they dont need to clone it all the time for there other models, to be honest VW should just stick to making one car the GOLF !

29 September 2010

To be fair you could level the same criticism at VWs from the 80s, they all had the same front styling & interiors etc, yet 80s VWs are very highly regarded.

I think we will see more & more of this- extensive facelifts rather than complete redesigns, as car design has really reached the point where it is hard to make significant improvements on the previous model, (in terms of safety, space-efficiency etc) a total redesign would be change for changes sake. Look at the Golf mk6- it is a heavily facelifted mk5. Would a complete new bodyshell have really been worth the bother? I dont think so.

29 September 2010

Dull. The estate version at least looks a tad bit better, esp. around the rear. But that's not saying much. It must appeal to the conservative Americans and the Chinese market. Certainly the new Passat offers no European flair at all. This design was OK on the Polo and Golf, but VW seem to get one half decent idea and then try to stretch it to all of their cars. Individuality is a lost art.

29 September 2010

I had an estate as a company car once. It is the most boring car I have ever had the pleasure of driving regularly. And that includes a renualt kangoo! and this is not likely to change with this facelift (I refuse to call this a new car)

29 September 2010

I quite liked the Volkswagen face when it was first shown. Now it's everywhere I think it looks pretty generic. It works on some cars better than others, too. I think it looks quite good on the Golf and Caravelle, whereas on the Passat and Phaeton it looks plain and somewhat downmarket.

29 September 2010

[quote moe360] its a facelift same as the golf [/quote]

Yup, this is nothing more than a facelift of the current 5th generation Passat, not an all-new 7th generation model as Autocar (and possibly VW) claim. And i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks the current Golf hatch is simply a heavily facelifted Mk 5, regardless of the marketing con which claimed it to be an all-new 6th generation model.

29 September 2010

[quote Lanehogger]

[quote moe360] its a facelift same as the golf [/quote]

Yup, this is nothing more than a facelift of the current 5th generation Passat, not an all-new 7th generation model as Autocar (and possibly VW) claim...


I hope you're right, because this has got to be one of the dullest design jobs (inside and out) I've seen for some time. Curshingly disappointing effort from VW.


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