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Merc boss fuels speculation that Maybach may not survive when the current model expires
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1 October 2010

Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche has revealed to Autocar that he is “very relaxed” about the future of super-luxury brand Maybach but refused to confirm whether or not it has a future.

“We are looking at the early stages of evaluating options which could be expansive,” Zetsche revealed to Autocar at the Paris motor show. But the current car can stay in the market. It’s sustainable and the customers are very happy.”

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However, Zetsche would not be drawn on whether a new Maybach was currently in development, further fuelling rumours that Merc is going to drop the brand when the current car comes to the end of the line.

Insiders reckon that Maybach could eventually become a player in China, although Zetsche admitted that Mercedes isn’t planning to develop specific models for China or other emerging markets.

“Growth markets like China are interested in German cars, so we have no plans to make a special Chinese Mercedes,” he admitted.

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30 September 2010

“Growth markets like China are interested in German cars, so we have no plans to make a special Chinese Mercedes,” he admitted.

No plans ???? surely shome mishtake there - If I were him I'd be shipping the Maybach tooling etc. off to ShangHai pronto ....

1 October 2010

Mercedes have a bit of a problem in that they have no real brand to answer Rolls Royce or Bentley with. They could try buying one I guess but what brand would have the cache to match Rolls Royce or Bentley? To rub salt in the wound TATA have indicated that at some point in the future they may bring Daimler out of retirement and use that to take on Rolls and Bentley. Aston also are said to be planning to use Lagonda. So Mercedes look like could be out in the cold in this market sector.

4 October 2010

And you'd destroy your brand value overnight.

What sells Mercedes in general and Maybach in particular certainly is not price, in fact it's not even quality -- it's perceived quality.

German cars made in Germany by Germans says I have money and you know I have money.

German looking cars made by Chinese in China would simply convince the Chinese that if they where going to buy Chinese, why should they pay for a silly German badge.

4 October 2010

The styling is what killed this car. Its just like a huge S-Class without the better looks.

They should have made the car look completley different. As BMW & VW did with RR & Bentley.....

4 October 2010

I'm sure this thread makes uncomfortable reading for Theo Paphitis and Duncan Jones. A bad investment?

4 October 2010

Maybe there is a God after all...

4 October 2010

Aly1000 has hit the nail on the head - the modern Maybach's appearance has left a lot to be desired and has gone a long way towards contributing to the brand's present predicament.

The Maybach name easily has (had?) the potential to go head-to-head with Rolls and Bentley, just as it did back in the 1930s but it needs a far better and distinctive product to do it with. Mercedes has nothing else in its portfolio to match the established top-end brands and as TStag says there's not much else out there that they could buy into; creating a new brand name would take far too much time and energy as well.

4 October 2010

No sleep lost for me if Mercedes bin the Maybach brand, it always seemed that it was Mercedes knee jerk reaction to BMW and VW getting Rolls Royce and Bentley and them deciding that we must have a brand like that. If they could have designed a pretty looking luxury car then you might have made a case, but they chose to take the S-Class and make it fatter and uglier.

4 October 2010

Maybach. A completely pointless car with no real purpose in life. Who cares if this brand stays or goes?

4 October 2010

Do you really think Bentley still sits alongside Rolls, I reckon RR raised themselves a notch with the Phantom and Bentley catered to the masses with the Continental. The S class isnt a bad base for a super luxury car but maybe there is space for a new Grosser sitting above it with some classic styling cues, Maybach could then be used in a different way producing a grand tourer which could free them from the compromises needed for the SLR SLS and they could make a could make a more focused competitor to the MC12 and 458


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