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Merc boss fuels speculation that Maybach may not survive when the current model expires

Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche has revealed to Autocar that he is “very relaxed” about the future of super-luxury brand Maybach but refused to confirm whether or not it has a future.

“We are looking at the early stages of evaluating options which could be expansive,” Zetsche revealed to Autocar at the Paris motor show. But the current car can stay in the market. It’s sustainable and the customers are very happy.”

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However, Zetsche would not be drawn on whether a new Maybach was currently in development, further fuelling rumours that Merc is going to drop the brand when the current car comes to the end of the line.

Insiders reckon that Maybach could eventually become a player in China, although Zetsche admitted that Mercedes isn’t planning to develop specific models for China or other emerging markets.

“Growth markets like China are interested in German cars, so we have no plans to make a special Chinese Mercedes,” he admitted.

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feckin maso 4 October 2010

Re: Maybach faces uncertain future

Is the Lagonda really a competitor at the level, the concept was an ugly jeep that wasnt exactly impressing all who seen it

nkorelis 4 October 2010

Re: Maybach faces uncertain future

I think that Mercedes already has the brand name to compete with rolls-royce, bentley, and the forthcoming lagonda and bugatti galibier models, and don't need the maybach brand. It's simple really all the have to do as somebody mentioned above is to reflect back to their heritage and create a 600 or 770 grosser model (from the 1930's), to compete with the rolls-royce phantom, and a second model that fills in the gap between such a model and the s-class where the rolls-royce ghost/bentley mulsane are currently located. They can spin off a variety of body styles built off the new s-class platform due in 2014 (sedan, coupe, convertible, limousine pullman, 4-door coupe etc.). as well as use the same twin-turbo V12, keeping development costs to the minimum. They could sell 1,000 units annually of the new grosser, 2-3,000 of the ghost/mulsanne class, and make taking on rolls/bentley a viable exercise. A 4-door sedan in the ghost class with fiddling by AMG would tackle the sportier mulsane while the mainstram models would compete with rolls range. The s-class competes with the bentley continental range, and it is the market leader in it's segment. This approach would help Mercedes keep customers trading up from an s-class for a more upmarket brand like rolls. As for taking on the galibier they can use the 500K/540K as inspiration in creating a limited edition sedan (above the grosser )as it is one of the most highly coveted mercedes ever made, as VW used the type 57 atlantic as inspiration for the galibier. Bin the maybach!!! Give it a bullet (or ten).

feckin maso 4 October 2010

Re: Maybach faces uncertain future

Do you really think Bentley still sits alongside Rolls, I reckon RR raised themselves a notch with the Phantom and Bentley catered to the masses with the Continental. The S class isnt a bad base for a super luxury car but maybe there is space for a new Grosser sitting above it with some classic styling cues, Maybach could then be used in a different way producing a grand tourer which could free them from the compromises needed for the SLR SLS and they could make a could make a more focused competitor to the MC12 and 458