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Cleaner, more powerful and a new look - but do they mark the end of the line?
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23 April 2010

This is the facelifted Maybach range - and could be the last ever Maybachs as parent company Daimler continues to refuse to sign off development of all-new models.

Power has been increased on the top Maybach 57S and 62S models, so the 12-cylinder engine emits 18bhp more, at 457bhp. However average fuel economy improves from 17.22mpg to 17.88mpg and CO2 emissions drop from 390g/km to 368g/km.

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The standard 57 and 62 models are still powered by a 542bhp motor, but average fuel economy drops from 18.83mpg to 17.77mpg and CO2 emissions fall from 350g/km to 383g/km.

Styling changes include a new chrome radiator grille, which varies in look between the standard 57 and 62 models and the S variants, plus a redesigned bonnet, a reshaped front bumper, modified door mirrors and a new rear light design. The changes add 11mm to the car's length and 17mm to its width.

The standard cars get new-look 21-spoke, 19-inch wheels, while the S models get 12-spoke, 20-inch wheels. Maybach says the new-look car is more aerodynamic, reducing interior wind noise.

Interior options include hand-braided or crystal-encrusted seat piping, a 19-inch rear screen, a perfume atomiser and a wireless internet function. Long-wheelbase models get a electrotransparent panoramic glass sunroof ,which has a liquid crystal membrane that makes the glass transparent or opaque at the push of a button.

A camera can also broadcast an all-round view from the car to rear seat screens, showing passengers what's happening around the car without them having to look through the centre of the vehicle (so occupants can avoid being seen), or lower a privacy screen between them and the driver.

In addition, the reclining rear seat previously available only in the Maybach 62 will be available in the 57 range.

The cars will be formally unveiled at the Beijing motor show on Friday.

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22 April 2010

That is one hell of a rear compartment... Sadly, the car just reminds me of Theo Paphitis...

22 April 2010

Sadly this car, as with all Maybachs just serve to remind me that early today I threw up a little in my mouth (I've not been well). Maybachs remind me because they tweak the same gag reflex, especially when one of the two tone paint colours looks exactly like the contents of my stomach (minus the carrot chunks of course and the current smartie inhabitants which won't be there long either way...)

22 April 2010

Reminds me of MTV Cribs, just how many TV's do you need!

22 April 2010

I hope you feel better soon theonlydt. I prescribe looking at something much prettier than a Maybach tho ;o)

22 April 2010

[quote fuzzybear] prescribe looking at something much prettier than a Maybach tho[/quote] The wife is in the room so I can't put on a Zooey Deschanel film unfortunately... oh Zooey, you're so much more beautiful than an Alfa, classier than a Maybach (not hard) and prettier than a thing that's just been awarded prettiest thing of the year at the annual pretty things competition. Shame she's a veggie and allergic to everything...

22 April 2010

Beautifully appointed interior,ugly as sin exterior,no wonder they dont sell well.

22 April 2010

[quote theonlydt]The wife is in the room so I can't put on a Zooey Deschanel film unfortunately... [/quote]

You can put on one of her CDs... lady sure has a soothing voice. You should check her out in She & Him if you haven't already ;)

As for the Maybach... achhh. I just never got it, at least the execution of the idea behind it. Its just so vulgar. If only they had Exelero-ed it a little bit.

22 April 2010

Truly awful motor. Designed to appeal only to the Simon Cowells of this world, surely Mercedes never really tghought this would be a competitor to RR or Bentley ? Why would any sane person buy one of these in prefernece to the RR or Bentley (although with the new Mulsanne, I can see Bentley taking the same route, another almost ghastly looking car, from the front at least).

22 April 2010

Ugly as sin... Yes

But it sure must be one of the best cars to be driven around in.

22 April 2010

I'd rather be seen in a Bentley Mulsanne than Maybach anytime... at least people may see i'm just in an ugly car but not stupid as in buying a Maybach


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