Citroën wants to put an affordable car into production, the firm's boss tells Autocar
1 October 2010

Citroen’s boss Frederic Banzet has given clear indications that he wants to put a car such as the Lacoste concept into production.

Speaking to Autocar at the Paris motor show he revealed that a stripped out, simple car such as the Lacoste was on the cards: “This is a philosophy of a basic car that we are working on’ he admitted.

“We need to come back from adding more weight and equipment. We can see a category of people who want a more simple car and more essential, and who will be attracted by the modernity and attractive design.”

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However, he also revealed that the super-stripped out feel exhibited by the last such concept, the C-Cactus went “too far” as it lacked even a dash and controls. Banzet, though, was keen to stress that such a basic model needn’t be low-cost, merely affordable.

“I couldn’t see a low-cost car in a Citroën showroom because it would be inconsistent. It would have to be by another brand,” he said, alluding to the ultra low-cost car the company is believed to be developing with Chinese maker Dong Feng for developing markets.

Banzet also confirmed that a new C1 model, jointly developed with Toyota, was also being planned. The Lacoste concept is said to show some of the styling clues for the new city car.

Chas Hallett

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