Currently reading: Lamborghini hints at new car for Paris motor show
The Italian manufacturer issues a cryptic hint that it will unveil a new vehicle at next month's French show
Matt Burt
2 mins read
17 September 2014

Lamborghini will unveil a new car at the Paris motor show next month.

The Sant'Agata car manufacturer has issued a line drawing of the car, together with the cryptic statement: "Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it".

This could imply that the car marks a revival of Lamborghini's plans to expand its range with a 2+2 model that would echo the 400GT from the 1960s.

Back in 2008, Lamborghini used the Paris motor show to show off a four-door, four-seat concept called the Estoque; the company was keen to put it into production but the worldwide recession put paid to those plans.

Although it seems unlikely that the new Paris car will be a four-door – Autocar's artist has extrapolated the line drawing to show how it could look – a 2+2 would fit Lamborghini's plan to expand its model range beyond the staple sportscars for which it is best know.

The off-mooted SUV, previewed by the Urus concept, will arrive in 2017.

The manufacturer is tight-lipped about the identity of its Paris concept, although it recently trademarked the names 'Asterion' and 'Encaste'.

Intriguingly, it also filed a patent for a hybrid drivetrain. The four-wheel-drive system uses an electric motor to power the front wheels and a front-mounted engine to power the rear wheels.

It was thought that this system would first be incorporated into a hybrid version of Lamborghini's SUV, due to enter production in 2017, although it could also find its way into the Paris concept.

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17 September 2014
For some reason that shape reminds me of the Miura. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a much more modern interpretation of the car. I mean the concept car was gorgeous and I can't think of too many times where Lamborghini did not use some element of its concept cars in the developed cars. This has certainly got my attention.

17 September 2014
Came to mind: definitely a 60s retro thing going on here...

18 September 2014
We can only hope it's not the SUV and Lamborghini stick to what they are respected for - supercars. The SUV market (at all levels) is well catered for with even the likes of Rolls Royce talking about producing one now.

18 September 2014
Which seems out of place with the current line-up. Perhaps this is another one-off for a wealthy customer? I could see them reviving the Espada idea to fight the FF but the Estoque was too good to not produce in its own right. I still think that they should revisit the LM001 if they are going to make another SUV.

19 September 2014
We see it soon, then I production can be confirmed. Lamborghini need a 4 seater. I remember the 4 door that never made production well this time with this 4 seater production is in demand. Stick around you may want to be a star.

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