Currently reading: Cadillac to target Audi and Mercedes in Europe from 2019
The US-based manufacturer's new boss wants to get the right products in place before unleashing a full assault on tough European market

Cadillac will be ready for a full-on European assault by 2019, according to the company's new boss Johan de Nysschen.

Speaking to Autocar, de Nysschen said: "Europe is crucial to our success but we need to have the right product portfolio. If you want to win in Europe you need the right products."

De Nysschen also revealed ambitious future model plans that include a range-topping model "with the calibre of the Mercedes S-class" and a rear-wheel-drive Audi A3 rival that will sit below the current ATS saloon and coupé.

He also wants to expand the company's SUV line-up, including a small 4x4 that will square up to the Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

"Cadillac also needs to expand its powertrain offering to succeed in Europe," he admiited. "We need diesel and smaller petrol engines. We also need to consider range extenders and plug-in hybrids".

De Nysschen also stated that right-hand-drive Cadillacs were crucial: "The UK is an important luxury market for us".

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JOHN T SHEA 4 October 2014


So RHD means the UK for Cadillac? What about India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and other countries? If anyone anywhere on Earth wants to buy a car, can afford it, but it's not available in the correct steering position then the maker is remiss and letting down its shareholders, employees and would-be customers.
sierra 3 October 2014

Try taking on Infiniti... the 500 per year range, rather than the 100,000 per year of the Germans
289 3 October 2014

Ah those yanks.....

...they just don't get it do they.
Every few years we get this sort of must be some sort of vanity project I suspect - unless they really are that naïve!
Give it up guys, it will never happen.