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Crewe manufacturer mulls smaller car to sit below the Continental and form a fifth model line once the SUV has entered production

An entry-level Bentley smaller than the Continental GT is being investigated as one of several options that could make production as a fifth model line for the firm after the upcoming SUV is launched in 2016.

Company chief Wolfgang Durheimer revealed at the Paris motor show that he has "a small group of core people investigating the next big idea. We have some quite nice arrows in our bag and are deciding which to shoot".

He said the firm was at full engineering capacity and did not want to distract Bentley staff from launching the SUV, hence the reason the project is in the background at the moment.

But Durheimer added that the firm will immediately turn its attention to the new model once the SUV is engineered: "I want to keep momentum when the engineering ramps down from the SUV.

"A smaller car is a very powerful idea in parallel to the Continental and is one of our areas of search. There is also room for derivatives of models we have; the Mulsanne could get brothers and sisters, the Continental also. I also look at competitors and see that an SUV opens up more ideas."

Sales and marketing chief Kevin Rose said a smaller Bentley wouldn't harm the brand's luxurious standing: "A bigger risk is the car not being a true Bentley regardless of size or price. The point is we want to keep going. We can't go back or stand still and that means more models. There are plenty of ideas."

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Lanehogger 3 October 2014

A posh A6?

Basically a rebodied Audi A6 then if they want to move to a class below the Continental family? It's the only executive class car currently in the VAG and I can't see Bentley going to the expense of creating an all-new platform for one solitary model. Fine as long as the car doesn't feel or look like an Audi. Unless Bentley are thinking A4 size?? As for the Mulsanne, I'm surprised a coupe version hasn't been spawned yet to replace the exquisite Brooklands and rival the equally exquisite RR Phantom coupe.
chandrew 3 October 2014

Size in increasingly not related to premium

I think this is a good idea. I think people are increasingly seeing that premium doesn't have to mean large. For me the 3 series / C class size is about right for the narrow roads and smallish car parking spaces of the real world. The soft touch plastics of the german car makers are still plastics. I wouldn't have them in my house as I prefer 'real materials' like wood or leather. I also will pay for craftsmanship.

I suppose the only option in the market at the moment is Alpina but in the end you know these additions will lose all value at delivery, hence depreciation is appalling. There is a real opportunity for someone to deliver craftsmanship in cars that are less than 5m long!

scotty5 2 October 2014

Depends on your definition of harming the brand.

A smaller Bentley wouldn't harm the brands luxurious standing. The Cygnet didn't harm Aston Martin's standing either, but I bet they wish the idea had stayed on the fag packet.