Revised luxury crossover is not expected to form part of Cadillac's upcoming European relaunch
4 April 2012

A revised Cadillac SRX has been revealed at the New York motor show today.

Highlights beyond the minor styling revisions include new infotainment system that features mobile phone inspired touchscreen controls and a new active noise cancellation system that reduced cabin noise.

Gallery: Cadillac SRX

New technology available on the car also includes driver awareness and driver assist packages.

The revised luxury crossover is not expected to form part of Cadillac's upcoming European relaunch.

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4 April 2012

I think it looks alright, but I think it should come with a V8 like the last one...

4 April 2012

Just looks like a Vauxhall Antler SUV thing.


8 April 2012

How can the so called Great American companies - who expound their marketing tactics to the world and sell them on every form available for consumption as the learning gift to the uninitiated - manage to screw up so handsomely again. This heap is already available in Russia - which amazingly is one of its best export markets (how political minds are so fickle) - and in the metal it is HORRIBLE. The front half to the B pillar isnt bad but thereafter it doesnt match. Its scrunched up and uneven in measure making it look awkward. The interior is a step forwards, and they have ditched the slabs of wood - which dare I say is the wrong thing to have done with a Caddy. Instead they have used a very nasty cheap brushed plastic center consol which is totally out of place and cheapens the whole ambience. It is roomy and the seats are very comfortable, but why this engine? Was this the only way to get economy? Driving something as big as this - one can really call that false economy. NOPE it failed the litmus test without wanting to drive it

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