Australian DSG problems have not been replicated in the UK

Volkswagen UK has given further information on why it sees no reason to issue a recall for its seven-speed dual shift DSG gearbox-equipped cars, despite similarly equipped cars in other parts of the world being recalled.

It has also reiterated that it has no examples of the problems experienced in other countries being replicated in the UK.

This week VW, Audi and Skoda issued a recall in Australia and New Zealand for cars fitted with the gearbox, codenamed DQ200, as a result of a fault with its mechatronic system.

That added to recalls already issued in China, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, and followed 100 complaints from VW owners in Australia relating to an apparent power loss.

UK-built VWs use the same specification DQ200 gearbox as the Australian-built cars, with the units also built in the same factory.

However, a VW statement explained: “The DSG mechatronics are programmed differently according to the country in which a vehicle will be sold. The issues recently experienced by some customers in Australia have not been repeated in the UK, nor indeed in other temperate countries.

“Service campaigns are carried out in countries where an issue is known to exist. 

We have been in touch with VOSA via our usual consumer protection channels and reached a joint agreement that there was no safety issue – VOSA is satisfied that there is no requirement for a recall


"Any owners who are concerned about their car should contact their local Volkswagen retailer who can be located by postcode search on 

Volkswagen's website.”

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14 June 2013

The reason that VW are carrying out a recall in Australia, NZ and S.E. Asia is that customers in those countries are making a loud noise about the problems experienced with their cars. This has been taken up by the press including front page headlines on quality mastheads. It is not actually clear what VW are going to achieve with a recall because they don’t really know what the problem is. So many customers have reported a number of different problems with the DSG box that it appears that there are both electro-mechanical and software issues to deal with. Customers have been repeatedly told that their ECUs show no fault. If you cannot “see” a fault how can VW assert that the UK is unaffected by the problem? “False” neutrals have plagued the DSG back to the original US mandated recall in 2009.

Questions are also being asked of the Australian equivalent of VOSPA as to VWs assertion that there is no safety issue related to the troublesome DSGs. Good luck coasting from the outside lane of the M25 to the hard shoulder if your DSG spits the dummy….

Autocar need to raise its game on this issue. Simply posting PR clarifications on previous PR clarifications when so many questions are being raised is incredibly craven.

14 June 2013

Not sure if it was related to this problem, but my DSG was never right when I had it - but VW told me all was fine.

I never believed them, but waited until my next company car came along to get rid of the DSG.

Had it been my own personal car then I would have pursued vigourously. Sounds like I would have been right to do so.


VW claim that it doesn't affect UK cars may not be credible.

14 June 2013
 This problem was affecting Skoda Superb(Petrol Engine,Not Diesel) Cars with Automatic(DSG) transmission in India also.The gearbox on both petrol & diesel model though being DSG, have different no.of gears(six for diesel and  seven for petrol vehicles).Its the seven speed DSG gearbox mated to 1.8L turbo petrol engine of skoda in India which had the failures due to faulty megatronics.Instead of making a public recall, these megatronics were being silently replaced at the dealerships on a case by case basis......stroke of  luck if one didn't get buggered by an oncoming vehicle on Indian roads.
 Skoda sucks in after sale product support and especially takes its own sweet time to improve (if at all) on product failures.A/c Compressor failures are rampent in Skoda vehicles in India.They shirk in owning up to the inherent failures post warranty period.
 As we know VW owns skoda, its these cross sharing of components that has resulted in the fiasco unfolding in China,Japan,ect.This problem has plagued VW and its other brands since late 2008 across the globe .Five years of doing so little and risking their customer lives.

14 June 2013





Be straight with CUSTOMER and own up to issues

14 June 2013

Three VW Group cars - owned by my family and friends that broke down and caused great inconvenience and cost over 2 grand repairs soon after the warranty ran out - say otherwise.

14 June 2013

Honest John reports big problems with the DSG 'box in France. Won't those gearboxes be very similar to the ones in models on sale in the UK?

14 June 2013

Just searched France, you're so right .

Guess very little difference in European specs. 

Facebook also,so trully global issues relating to DSG.

14 June 2013 will all the VAG geeks cope with this. I mean; this is huge stuff.....We need a few VAGboys on here to explain why this GLOBAL news is horse manure...


28 June 2013

My wifes golf has the 7speed DSG gearbox, the car has just done 10500 miles from new, the fault was a very jerky take-up of power from 5-10 mph, the gearbox was also holding a higher gear than needed at low speed, went into the local VW dealer (for the second time) after having a VW mobile Technician out to road test the car,we then had to wait for 10 days before they were able to check the car out because a curtesy was not available the result was a complete renewal of the twin clutch system, not so fantastic service from VW. I hear from other forums that VW have extended the warranty on the DSG gearbox to 10 years, heres hoping!!.

19 July 2013

Car in garage, juddering around corners and severe rollback from standing or on hills. VW initially said they would replace the dsg gearbox - then told me they were only replacing the clutch.

Since most of the cars that were recalled in other countries faced juddering prior to loss or surge of power, I am not convinced that the car is safe to drive.  

Has anyone else had a clutch change? How long does that last before the gearbox goes?  Did it rectify your juddering and roll back?  I have heard that the problems return.

Desperate for info.

VW has said they are not recalling in UK because the gearbox is not made in the same place as the Australian one (made in Germany) which has been recalled. However, they will not say where the UK one is made. 

I really cannot believe that a brand like VW is prepared to 'throw it all away' and trash many, many years of excellent reputation and lose so many current and future customers by not taking the bull by the horns and dealing with the issues they are facing.  

 I have spent 2 days explaining that I do not want to be killed if my gearbox fails in the outside lane of the motorway or when turning into a junction.  They really don't get that I am not willing to take that risk!



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