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VW will launch a new small car in 2012 called the Lupo - Seat, Skoda, Audi variants planned

Volkswagen’s new small car, codenamed Up, will be sold as the Lupo. It will also extend across four different brands, including Audi, Seat and Skoda, by the middle of the decade as part of the German car maker’s ambitious target to assume global market leadership by 2018.

Planned to replace the slow-selling Brazilian-built Fox as the entry point to the Volkswagen line-up when it reaches the UK in 2012, the Slovakian-produced Lupo is the first model in an extended range of contemporary small cars Wolfsburg officials call the New Small Family (NSF).

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Originally conceived with a space saving rear-engined/rear-wheel drive layout, the new car has been extensively reworked during its three-year development process. Cost concerns have forced a switch to more a traditional front-engined, front-wheel drive design that VW says will allow it to use existing engine and gearbox combinations without any significant penalty in overall packaging.

The new VW is said to stretch to 3445mm in length, 1628mm in width and 1495mm in height, some 525mm shorter, 54mm narrower but 33mm higher than the three-door Polo.

The Lupo will be positioned above cheap offerings like the Dacia Logan but beneath the existing Polo in a bid to attract both first-time buyers and those seeking a second car.

The latest indications are that base versions of the Lupo will be pitched below £8200 in Britain. That price would mean it will compete head on with the likes of the Citroën C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo.

In keeping with the Lupo’s back to basics theme, it is planned to be sold with a limited range of engines during the initial sales phase. Autocar understands the car will be launched across Europe next summer with a 65bhp, naturally aspirated, 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol unit and a 75bhp, 1.2-litre, four-cylinder common-rail diesel. The oil-burner will offer fuel economy of more than 80mpg and CO2 emissions of less than 80g/km in Bluemotion guise.

The five-door Lupo will launch in spring 2012, when a new 85bhp turbocharged 1.0-litre, four-cylinder direct-injection engine will be added to the line-up. Other driveline options are being investigated, including a pure electric version that is being developed in partnership with Audi.

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catnip 17 July 2010

Re: VW to revive Lupo name

Straight Six Man wrote:
There are enough youngsters in the city for whom style and nippy handling will be more important than practicality. I think VW ought to make coupéish 3-door low-roof versions of the Polo and maybe even the Lupo, to be to their respective platform donors what the Scirocco is to the Golf. There's money to be made here. VW, you want to become the world's biggest car-maker? Here's how.

Sounds a bit like the Puma.....

disco.stu 17 July 2010

Re: VW to revive Lupo name

Straight Six Man wrote:
Also, if you want a small Elise-like lightweight 2-seat coupé, why not just buy an Elise?

My thoughts exactly. There are plenty of early cars kicking around at reasonable prices nowadays. Or a Mazda MX5 and tune it a bit.

1Elvis 17 July 2010

Re: VW to revive Lupo name

even my old model lupo gti, which is lower than normal lupos, and has been lowered even more by aftermarket race suspension, is still higher roof line than my mums standard 75bhp 1.4 ibiza on taller wheels!

Yeah, that's one of my gripes with current compact/small cars as well and one of the few things I don't like about my current car (Golf VI GTI). Compared to the Lupo or Golf V/VI, my very first car (1990 Polo Coupé) looked like a Lotus Elise. I guess it's partly due to people getting older and "softer". A few years back, my mum bought herself an A-Class (shudder!), because she loved its height which made it so easy to get in.

The problem is that you'll only ever get a GTI based on a "regular" car, so the basic layout of any GTI is predetimend by the everyman-model. Not a problem in the past, because a Golf Mk I in itself had much "sportier" dimensions than current compacts. I guess what we'd really need is a small Scirocco based on the Lupo or Polo.