Supermini narrowly edges out the Toyota iQ
30 November 2009

The VW Polo is the Car of the Year 2010.

The supermini narrowly beat the Toyota iQ in the final voting, earning 347 points versus 337.

Steve Cropley blog - Car of the Year plays it safe - too safe, perhaps?

The Polo received 59 scoring votes in total from the 59-strong judging panel, including 25 selections as the number one car. In contrast, the iQ received 58 votes, with 20 selections as the best car.

The result is determined from a list of 33 new cars which are voted on by European car journalists.

A shortlist of seven cars is then determined, with 59 European judges making their selection. Each judge has 25 points to allocate as they see fit, although at least five contenders must receive points, and the chosen winner must receive more points than the runners-up.

Autocar's editor-in-chief, Steve Cropley, is one of the judges, and voted the Toyota iQ as his personal favourite, allocating it eight points. He also gave the Mercedes E-class five points, Citroen C3 Picasso and Peugeot 3008 three points each and the Skoda Yeti, Vauxhall Astra and VW Polo two points each.

The full result is below.

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1. Volkswagen Polo 347 points, 59 votes, 25 vote wins2. Toyota iQ 337 points, 58 votes, 20 vote wins3. Opel/Vauxhall Astra 221 points, 55 votes, 5 vote wins4. Skoda Yeti 158 points, 54 votes, 4 vote wins5. Mercedes-Benz E-class 155 points, 48 votes, 2 wins6. Peugeot 3008 144 points, 49 votes, 2 vote wins7. Citroen C3 Picasso 113 points, 47 votes, 1 win

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Volkswagen Polo

The fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo has junior Golf looks, but is that enough?

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30 November 2009

Blimey, it's usually a fiat isn't it?

Does anyone actually care about car european car of the year? I've never heard of anyone buying a car because of the award.

30 November 2009

A well deserved win for the Polo


30 November 2009

That's great news for VW - as a VW owner I was hoping the Polo would win. The news page of the VW UK website has an article dated 17 November 2009 that states "since the new Polo went on sale in October over 8,000 orders have been taken, an incredible 86 per cent above the projected volume." The car seems to have been a remarkable success for VW so far and deservedly so. A neighbour round the corner from me has just recently taken delivery of her new Polo in the last few weeks and she says she loves it (she was replacing a 1-series!).

30 November 2009

for me, the Yeti or the iQ should of won. The Polo might well be a good little car, but it has zero character, nothing new, bland styling, and even more bland interior. The iQ, while not my taste, is a packaging marvel, and the Yeti not only looks good, it has been getting some very good reviews. But hey, its not uncommon for the wrong car to get the winning vote

30 November 2009

Mr. Cropley

Sir, I cannot believe the Polo is car of the year! Surely there has been a mistake or some greasing of palms. Talk about an out-side bet ! Its not unusual, there have been shocks before. However our european cousins are by nature unpredictable. In future I shall not take an interest in the competition and stick to the mag! and you and your colleages appraisal.

I have long believed there is a conspirasy to disagree with us here in the UK simply because for centurys Europe could not dictate its will on us by force. So now, they try through business and commercial means!

Regards Steve Bradsworth

30 November 2009

that's totally justified. the polo is an all-round, grown-up small car with almost no mistakes. it perfectly fits these times of downsizing. although my heart will always belong to the wonderful emotions evoked by an aston martin, my senses totally appreciate this flawless, sensible car called polo. definitely the right choice over a half-baked car like the astra.

30 November 2009

I'll say one thing - about time! The 34 years of heritage, name and standing have finally paid off. The Polo's always been about quality, refinement and 'premium' image - giving buyers the trappings of a much bigger car in smaller package.

Overall, a well-deserved win!

30 November 2009

[quote rosstopher]

Blimey, it's usually a fiat isn't it?

Does anyone actually care about car european car of the year? I've never heard of anyone buying a car because of the award.


About as much credibility as the Eurovision song contest, i.e. an amusing irrelevance. Talbot Horizon anyone? (sorry Mr. Cropley).

30 November 2009

I've not driven the Polo, but I did sit in one recently. The thing that struck me was how little leg room there was in the back. I know the car is supposed to be small, but there ought to be room for knees.

1 December 2009

[quote rosstopher] Does anyone actually care about car european car of the year? I've never heard of anyone buying a car because of the award.[/quote] Must admit, it doesn't affect my choice of cars. I see it like I view the Eurovision Song Contest. Mildly amusing to see the results but I'm not likely to buy the record because of it...


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