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First official pictures of the hardcore Golf GTI at Worthersee

These are the first official pictures of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Excessive, revealed at the Worthersee Tour in Austria.

Although most of the changes to the concept over the standard GTI are cosmetic, dynamic changes have been made.

See the pics of the VW Golf GTI Excessive at Worthersee

These include wider tracks, revised springs and dampers, upgraded brake discs and pads and a new lightweight exhaust system, which results in a small power increase.

Completing the modifications are new multi-spoke black 19-inch alloys equipped with semi-slick tyres, sill extensions, new bumpers, a new front splitter, rear diffuser and plastic wheel arch extensions.

VW hasn’t said whether the Excessive edition is destined for production and says it remains as an evaluation concept at this stage. If it does make production, the Excessive would sit between the GTI and R models in the Golf’s range.

Also revealed at Worthersee was the Adidas edition, a tie-in with the famous German sports equipment firm. Changes to the Golf GTI for the model are purely cosmetic.

They include new 18-inch alloy wheels, Adidas detailing, the LED rear lights from the Golf R and unique interior trim. The LED rear lights will soon become standard across the Golf GTI’s range.

The VW Golf GTI Adidas edition will not go on sale in the UK.

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jacklance 2 November 2012

It comes with a diverter

It comes with a diverter valve. It is the highest quality you're going to get for anything you're willing to spend i'm almost certain. Yes you could get a blow off valve to get the loud sound, but you will lose power because it will mess up the air censors in the engine.
If you're willing to sacrifice power for sound go for the replacement, otherwise stick with the d/v.



topgearnut 16 May 2010

Re: VW Golf GTI Excessive revealed

I think VW would do well selling a 'pre-chavved' Golf, at least it may save standard Golfs being RUINED by those who think 4 wonky drainpipe exhausts, a mis-match bodykit and massive wheels on their standard 1.4 will make every good looking girl jump into bed with them...

Big S 14 May 2010

Re: VW Golf GTI Excessive revealed

Did this get stuck for a few weeks in their PR machine? Would have been a great April Fools story...