More practical version of city car is expected to cost around £400 more than equivalent three-door
23 January 2012

These are the first official pictures of the five-door VW Up.

Although official details and prices have yet to be released, the current indications are that five-door models will cost around £400 more than equivalent three-door cars. That should mean prices starting from around £9400.

See pictures of the new VW Up five-door

As with the three-door, three engine variants are expected to be available – two 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol units as well as a frugal BlueMotion Technology version of the lower-powered petrol – with three trim levels to choose from.

The five-door's key dimensions will be the same as the three-door, which means it will offer a 251-litre boot, plus 920mm of rear headroom and a maximum of 820mm of rear legroom.

UK sales are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Volkswagen Up

The Volkswagen Up city car isn't revolutionary, it's just quantifiably better than the opposition

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23 January 2012

I think this looks better than the 3-door. But you want a small(ish) VW, the Polo, admittedly bigger, is much better value for money.

23 January 2012

I notice from the pictures the car appears to have copied one of the worst features of the 5 door Aygo. It doesnt have proper opening rear windows, just pop out ones. Dont they think people in the back might like some fresh air? Considering this is not a cheap car i think that is very poor. As for the rest of it, well it looks like an Up with extra doors, but adopting the rear window line of the Skoda and Seat versions. No suprises there

23 January 2012

I assumed VW would have kept the distinctive rear window "kink" that the three door has to differentiate it from it's Seat and Skoda siblings.

I also see, like the 107 etc, it retains the "pop out" rear window glass, instead of gaining a winding mechanism - I assume for a space as much as a cost reasons.

You have to wonder why Citroen didn't fit one of these to the DS4?


Great minds and all that Artil!



It's all about the twisties........

23 January 2012

Yes, the "pop out" rear windows may be annoying but in addition to saving costs they allow a larger window area, this car has been carefully designed and I think it looks good in five-door too. It is good to drive too, fine chassis for the class.

23 January 2012

Now they'll bring out a +2 version with two rear child seats - the 7 Up.

23 January 2012

I can imagine the pop-out windows being pretty annoying for rear passengers, but then again, if you look at the side-on view of the car, there really isn't much door "body" to slide a traditional pane of glass down into. One of the inherent compromises of such a small car I guess.

23 January 2012

I will always think of this car as one that got cold feet over its innovative layout.

Its just another uninspiring mini to me, Peugeot/Citroen/Toyota move the goalposts with your next entrant please.

23 January 2012

[quote Overdrive]I think this looks better than the 3-door. But you want a small(ish) VW, the Polo, admittedly bigger, is much better value for money.[/quote]

In the entry level 'Take Up' model the £7995 prices seem sensible but have low standard kit levels, once you get to the higher levels then the prices do seem to encroach on the Polo, especially the Black and White editions at over £11k before discounts.

23 January 2012

Quite nice... having had 5 doors in my Aygo I think I'd feel like it would be a step back if I purchased a 3-door. Shame the 'kink' has gone. The pop-out windows aren't *that* bad - they certainly allow for more freedom design-wise. I've never had passengers complain about them... you just have to make sure they've shut them properly! Haha! £9400 seems pricey... but then you notice that Renault are charging £10,500 for the most basic version of the latest Twingo - which is quite frankly ridiculous. Anyway...

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

23 January 2012

This car looks good in any way, although 3 door variant is more Apple-ish!


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