Currently reading: Volkswagen ID 7 Tourer electric estate priced from £52,240
New EV arrives to take on the BMW i5 Touring as one of the few electric estates on sale

Volkswagen is now taking orders for the new ID 7 Tourer, pricing the sleek electric estate from £52,240 - slightly higher than the ID 7 saloon. 

The Volkswagen ID 7 Tourer is one of few electric estates on sale today. The German brand hopes it will broaden the appeal of its flagship EV and solidify its position in the executive car market.

Standard equipment includes LED headlights, roof rails, 19in alloy wheels, keyless entry, 30-colour ambient lighting, a heated steering wheel, a reversing camera and a 15in touchscreen with sat-nav. 

Volkswagen also confirmed the most punchy ID Tourer Pro S, which features a bigger 86kWh battery with 425 miles of range, and the performance ID 7 GTX, will arrive in the summer. 

Described as the “electric all-rounder of the new era”, the Tourer will arrive in the second half of 2024 to take on the BMW i5 Touring and forthcoming Audi A6 E-tron Avant

Measuring 4961mm long, 1862mm wide and 1536mm tall, the Tourer is proportionally identical to the ID 7 saloon but is shorter, wider and taller than the new Volkswagen Passat, its combustion-engined equivalent.

It has a 545-litre boot, marginally smaller than the i5's 570 litres, but that rises to 1714 litres with the back seats folded to give it a load-lugging edge over the likes of the smaller Peugeot e-308 SW and MG 5 SW EV estates.

Visually, the Tourer builds on the aerodynamically optimised styling of the ID 7 saloon, with its long, rakish silhouette netting a drag coefficient just 0.1Cd higher, at 0.24Cd.

The Tourer is offered in two trims. The Tourer Pro arrives with a 77kWh battery capable of charging at speeds of up to 175kW for a 10-80% charging time of around 28 minutes. The Pro S utilises a 86kWh battery for a WLTP range of 426 miles - just nine miles shorter than the saloon version and the longest range of any electric estate on sale. It can also charge slightly quicker, at 200kW. 

Both versions feature Volkswagen's latest APP550 electric motor, developing 282bhp and 402 lb ft of torque, on the rear axle - which should give a 0-62mph time of just under 7.0sec.

A performance-oriented, four-wheel-drive GTX variant is expected to be added later. 

Inside, the Tourer uses the same touchscreen system as the saloon, which was heavily updated in a bid by Volkswagen to improve its usability, graphics and processing times. 

It also gets Volkswagen’s new IDA voice assistant system, which uses ChatGPT artificial intelligence to offer more 'human' interactions – although this will come as an over-the-air software update post-launch. 


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Optional features include an electronically controlled panoramic roof that can be made opaque or transparent at the touch of a button, massage seats and a new Wellness app that adjusts the lighting, stereo and climate control for a calmer environment when needed. 

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BenF13 17 April 2024
Bonkers! The replacement for a 32k golf estate is now 52k. And slower than a GTD! How can car manufacturers get away with this robbery. Their greed is responsible for the poor uptake in electric car sales. Hopefully the influx of cheaper Chinese electric vehicles gives the likes of BMW, Audi and Vw a kick up the backside
Cobnapint 20 February 2024
426 miles, minus the 25% customary WLTP to planet earth conversion factor, that leaves 320 miles. Not bad if true.
mrking 19 February 2024

At last, a decent electric large estate. Pick up a nice 1 year old one for 35-40k, ideal.

Tom Chet 20 February 2024

mrking, I think you have the right idea.

I was about to say 'The new Skoda Superb estate makes much more sense at £35k for the 1.5litre mild hybrid', but if you want an EV, you're in a different market.  As a private buyer, I couldn't bring myself to stump up the £55k or related finance deal, but presumably this will see vicious depreciation so should make a good used buy.  

The interior is dull, but apart from MG there ain't much competition in the EV estate car market!  Hopefully it will prove more efficient than SUV-shaped EVs.