Currently reading: Volkswagen to change ID EV naming strategy
As the brand’s EV line-up expands, clearer nomenclature is under discussion

Volkswagen’s electric SUVs could be called ID X in the future, as the firm looks to ensure its model line-up is easily understood in markets around the world. For example, the upcoming compact SUV version of the Volkswagen ID 3 would be called ID 3 X, under the plans.

VW boss Thomas Schäfer said the maker is assessing a number of avenues, but on using X for SUV models, he commented: “It’s one option and not an unlikely option that the SUV part is an X but it’s not 100%. It has to be consistent across the range, and because our range is still quite big and overlapping here and there, we need to sort it out. But it looks as if it would make sense with the numbering and X.”

Schaäfer said the firm is pondering how to use well-established names such as Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Polo in the future when combustion-engined models are being phased out.

“The Golf name specifically has huge value," he said. "But at the same time, the ID brand has gained huge momentum. The recognition it receives at [customer] clinics, people absolutely understand what we are talking about. So to change the name to something completely different doesn’t make sense.

“We are really working out now for the next 10 years how we see the names developing. This is happening right now, this process of what we do with the name - Golf, Polo or whatever - what do we do to transform key names differently.”

Currently, Volkswagen has two electric ID SUVs on sale in Europe, the Volkswagen ID 4 and Volkswagen ID 5, while the ID 6 SUV is on sale in China. The arrival of an ID 3 compact SUV to sit alongside the hatchback, mooted by 2025, could be the first example of the new nomenclature if it gets the green light.

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tuga 27 October 2022
Polo ID
CrossPolo ID ( T-Cross, Taigo )
Golf ID ( Golf, ID3 )
CrossGolf ID ( T-Roc, Taos )
Tiguan ID ( Tiguan, ID4/5 )
Passat ID ( Passat, Arteon )
Atlas ID ( Atlas, Touareg, ID6 )
Buzz ID

That's it. That's what their ( EU/US ) range should look like. More than large enough.